Wednesday, June 24, 2009

welcome to the world baby Thaqif & Elena!

My two lovely gurlfriends have safely delivered their babies! Alhamdulillah :)

Mommy Ereen has safely delivered a baby boy, Muhammad Ziqry Thaqif on 17/6
Mama Erin has safely delivered another baby girl, Elena Nabila on 21/6
(yeay, another girl for Erin & Lan)

this is Elena Nabila..isn't she a cutie?? gerammmmm!
*pic is taken from Erin's FB :)

What a pair!
congratulations to new parents in town Ereen & Zab and
for their 2nd princess, Erin & Lan!

I got Ereen's baby pic in my phone but somehow I don't know how to save it to my SIM card hence cannot upload it here..grrggrr..

So happy for Mommy Ereen and Mama Erin. Mika boleh kawan with Thaqif and the 2 princesses mesti jadi rebutan nie

p/s: tengok baby, cam rasa nak baby lagi boleh?

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