Tuesday, June 9, 2009

**this entry was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago!**

okay entry ni sangat outdated. at first thought of putting the actual date, tapi nanti orang tak tahu..so i jumble up together in today's entry. here it goes..

last last weekend hubby kerja, as mentioned earlier here, so on saturday my sis datang bawak our part time maid to clean the house. while waiting for her to kemas², we went out for lunch at Secret Recipe, PH. as usual, mesti ada camera kan..dan mesti la snap sana sini.

"is that my food mommy?"
with her aunt Zira-dut

then Sunday, quality time with Mika..only me & him at home. speaking of quality time, Mika macam tahu² jer dia dekat rumah with his mommy so dia tido kejap sangat..nap skit² then bangun..bangun buat bunyi² cakap² in his own languange..then if tinggalkan kejap menjerit² suruh i datang tengok dia..dia jerit mmg bunyi dia buat² tau..aiyoo..i even watched Confession of a Shopaholics with him..dia tak nak tido..sibuk nak tengok gaks..so dalam dia bising² tuh, i amik video ni..tgk la dia buat bunyi ape ntah..

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