Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sunday morning

Last Sunday we woke up quite early with hubby at 5.30AM (don't ask me why my hubby woke up this early), followed by Mika at 6.45AM and I was the last one to wake up at 7AM. We went to bed quite early too the night before as we were busy with the kenduri the whole day and by end of the day, we were too exhausted and headed straight to bed (will post about the cukur jambul event soon..) I’m sort off blogging backward, try older posts okay
I took Mika out for a walk while hubby do his roadwork around the hood. Before that we stopped by at the playground and as it was still early in the morning, we had it to ourselves. Daddy and Mommy were the ones who excited and Mika had this look trying to understand why were his parents behaving that way :P
Waking up early is so worth it. You will have plenty of time to do plenty of things. Cherish the day and you will feel the difference. Try it!

depan rumah

"apa-apa jer la Mommy..."


Tatie Sharil said...

muka mika yg last skali memang priceless..
muke *whatever*
comel gile

raF|za said...

itu laaa..mmg dia ckp "Whatever" kot..hahah..cam redha jer la mommy dia camtuh :P