Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mikhail at 6 months

Mikhail Haris turned 6 months on 200609. Half a year already??!! Time past by so fast huh?

Let see his “achievements” at 6 months:
  • He’s able to roll over left and right and able to turn himself back. One minute his facing this way and in split seconds he will be facing the other way. never leave him unattended on the bed!
  • Since his grandparents (my parents) bought him a new mattress for him to roll over, he just loves to explore here and there with his toys all around him. he still trying very hard to move forward..u can do it, sayang!
  • He started on solid food already. Nestum, Heinz, Farley Rusks..he loves it..but he loves to grab the spoon and fed himself and will make a noise if I take away the spoon from him..sabar la sayang, dah besar nanti boleh suap let Mommy puas² suap dulu okay..
  • Macam nak merangkak..angkat lutut dan gerak ke depan
  • Loves to shout, loves to see colourful things, loves to see lights, trees
  • Daddy selalu bawak Mika go for a walk..just to get the fresh air and see ‘live’ he loves it very much especially tengok orang main bola kat nearby field
  • Still suka tengok cartoons especially if ada nyanyi², Mickey Mouse, Pocoyo, Dibo, Little Einstein mostly all cartoons in PHDC coz they are very the colourful & cheerful sampai Mommy tengok sekali
  • Boleh masukkan toe dia dalam mulut!
  • Suka minum susu sambil pegang rambut Mommy or pegang rambut dia
  • Masih suka masukkan semua benda dalam mulut
  • Sibuk bila Mommy depan laptop…mesti nak join sekali
  • Suka things yang orang pegang..mesti nak jugak..for eg my handphone and speaker sudah rosak sebab dia masukkan dalam mulut! Actually bukan bagus pon handphone, ada electromagnetic (betul ke word ni??) wave..then remote control lar..if bagi dia toys dia throw it away..he prefers other things like that..
Actually banyak la dia boleh buat..all together from 1 – 6 mths punya skills

there you are, Mommy
muka tak bersalah gigit kipas tuh sampai rosak
Happy 6 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

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