Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mika's Kenduri Cukur Jambul

here are some pics from Mika's Cukur Jambul. there are more from my sis. nanti later² i elaborate okay..
l-r: Dr Zainah (my aunt), me, my mom, Nana-dut (my cousin), Zira-dut (my sis)
simple je cot Mika..ni pon my mom punya idea
and my aunt tolong decoratekan

budak kecik baru bangun tido..nasib tak meragam..
my son behaved so well that dat, bravo Mika!
"makan selendang mommy dulu"
my gurls..
l-r: me, mommy-to-be Ereen, Faz & Eisha
kami semua ada shade of blue dekat baju..what a coincidence!
with my dear colleague, ros & her hubby & her handsome son
with the gurls again but now with Erin (expecting her 2nd one),
her hubby & her cute lil angel Irene
tuan rumah of the day, mr & mrs joe

thank you for coming! you all made our day..it was great to have those close ones around to share that wonderful moment with. just what we need =)
for my family, thank you for helping out with EVERYTHING!


Asharina said...

hai Rafiza,

Asharina here.. u still remember me? we were in the same class mase skolah rendah dulu :)

i spotted u n erin in the pic.. how to get in touch??

raF|za said...

hi asha! how ru? of course ingat :) u still in ss 17? well, u can YM/Gtalk me.fieralurve is my id for both. erin dah lama tak online, but u can catch her on FB

Asharina said...

no lah.. dah lame dah pindah from ss 17... dah dekat 16 tahun dah.. fuuhh dah tua dah kite ek.. :)

am now staying in cheras.. wats her FB ek?

raF|za said...

owh ye ker..tuh laa..but still remember naik skool bus & cerita dulu². u search for Norfarina Jaffar. add me sekali tau.