Monday, June 22, 2009

Mika and friends

Last Friday fetched Mika from his sitter’s house tengok dia tengah main with Umar. So I snapped some photos of him later joined by Abang Danial, Kak Ayu’s son. Then I received email from Kak Ayu this morning with an attachment photos of him with Umar pakai baju sama. That photos were taken about a month ago. Coincidentally both of them have the same pajamas and they look like twins kan? Umar is 2 months senior than Mika and the 3rd baby, Aidan is a mix Indian with a little bit of Portuguese blood from his Mommy’s side is just 3 months old..2 months junior than Mika. According to Kak Ayu, if Umar makes a sound, then Mika will follow and vice versa. They love to play with the Abang too. Mika will get all excited if he sees Abang. Just hope Mika is happy and enjoy staying there while Mommy and Daddy are off to work. Sorry dear Mika that Mommy had to leave you there, but I’m sure you are well taken care off. InsyaAllah everything will be okay :)
tengok tangan 2 budak ini..sorang ke atas, sorang ke kanan
umar si mata bulat, and Mika si chubby
comel kan??

Umar, Abang Danial & Mika

amboi, pandai babies ni posing kan?

this is Aidan

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