Sunday, June 28, 2009

last weekend

As usual, recap on weekend's entry in the beginning of the week :)


As hubby was working last weekend, I went back to Subang (the usual la if hubby works..boring okay duduk rumah with no one around. Don’t mind if at Brunsfield but not in PH) Hubby left for work around 6.45AM, me continue to golek² with Mika but was forced to wake up bila Mika asyik cubit pipi and tangan Mommy. sakit okayyyy..mandi and fed him at 8, we pushed off to subang. sampai subang, Mika had his breakfast Farley Rusks mix with a little bit of milk and licin satu bowl. bathed him and at first I thought nak bring him to Ereen's place but he was sleeping when I was bout to leave so I left him with my mom. Faz picked me up at 11 and off we went to Ereen's parents..dekat jer.
6 months ago, Ereen was the one visiting me and sempat lar demo nak breast feed Mika sbb lil Mika was hungry that time and minum okay mommy’s milk T_T why sekarang tak mahu minum??! Then now it’s Ereen’s turn :) so happy for you girl. You’re gonna be one superb Mom. After minum², Ereen’s hubby, Zab bawak Thaqif turun. Fyi, kami semua dulu sama class masa form 3 and 4 termasuk la Ereen’s hubby. Tapi dulu we all agak takut nak borak with Zab sebab dia nampak serious.
Thaqif sangat comellllll! He’s really a BABY lar (and suddenly I realise my son is not anymore..i mean he’s still a baby tapi baby dah besar lar..sob sob..) Tiba² macam awkward nak pegang Thaqif..poyo jer kan..baru 6 bulan :P so we all snap² some photos and around 1 plus, we excused ourselves.

Umi Ereen with her bundle of joy
Muhammad Ziqry Thaqif
Mommies & besties
cute nyer! look at his hands..
bukak mata dah..just for Aunty Eeja :P
best nye pegang dia!
tangan kanan tuh macam Mika gaks masa kecik..mesti dekat pipi
with my gurls!

Sampai² rumah tengok ada that long awaited parcel..bukan parcel lar..more like big box..sampai jugak after I called the courier service this morning. When I called them, they all ada hati lagi nak hantar on Monday. Then I slow talk cakap..tak boleh ke today..the reason why I changed my add sebab I’m not at home this weekend bla bla..that guy cakap..ok dia check status. Then dia call balik cakap..okay the item is on its way..kalau macam tuh dr dulu kan senang! Aiyoooo..Faz singgah kejap to see Mika and Mika sangat terpegun dengan Aunty Faz sampai berlakon baik. Tak keluar satu suara pon..dia suka je Aunty Faz angkat dia sana sini. Then petang tak buat apa..just lepak² tengok TV, golek² with Mika. Owh, I fed him lunch. He ate Nestum with a lil bit of potato..then petang bagi dia makan Apple puree. Dia suka jer. Hubby balik kerja and we spent the night in Subang as I was lazy to go back sebab nak datang Subang lagi on Sunday


Mika buat bisnes at 3AM! I was asleep then dengar dia berbunyi macam nak buat business lar..tengok² memang dia buat business. Nasib la I don’t mind. Then fed him..after dah minum one more time dia berbusiness lagi..haishh..terlebih makan ke anakku ini..pagi pon dia business lagi after mandi. I thought dia sakit perut but he was cheerful and tak meragam pon. Owh, gigi dia satu dah ada! The white spot on his gum is not a spot’s a tooth but baru suku la..belum naik habis and dia dah boleh nak crawl. Lutut and tangan dah angkat and trying to move his body forward. Sekali tengok macam nak start enjin motor..terstuck². Goyang² dia memang hebat lar but belum gerak lagi..he can only do the commando style to move around.
I wanted to go back to PH for a while nak clean the house, mop, sweep, change the bedsheet..buat apa yang patut. As I bout to start my car, tak boleh start! There was weird sound and told Abah. Abah said it must be the battery. So I borrowed Ajoi’s car and Abah helped me to settle the problem. I was at PH for 2 hours plus and sempat basuh baju baru Mika and mop satu rumah. Okay lar, bersih sikit.
Mika bangun around 2 and now dia dah boleh move to the person dia nampak and mintak angkat. Pastu dah pandai buat macam nak nangis beria..pastu tak jadi..bila agah dia senyum..owh pandai nye kamu..belajar berlakon dari mana yer? *wink*
Aunty Ellie dropped by around 5 and sebab Mika tak tido dr pukul 2, towards the evening, dia nampak letih tapi ok jer lagi nak main². Left to Putra Heights around 6 and waited for hubby to come home kat sana.

That basically what I did last weekend. Nothing much..just quality time with my son and family and also friends. I seriously need a vacation. Boring la life ulang²

note to hubby: must get one before Ramadhan comes.

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