Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day weekend

We had an early Father’s Day celebration last Saturday and my sister requested for lunch at Bubba Gump (it’s Father’s Day celebration but she got to choose the place :P) so off to Bubba Gump again. Hubby was on OT the night before and slept for few hours in the morning. We simply had it at 2pm so he could join us. More on this with pics HERE!

After lunch, lil Mika did his business (orang lain makan banyak, dia pulak business) and had to detour to Subang to clean him up. Then we made our way to Setia Alam to check the LittleWhiz shop. After doing some research and of course depend on the budget, we settled for Maxi-Cosi: Dori Convertible Car Seat and bought him a Bumbo babysitter together with the play tray. The car seat is suitable from birth to 4 years (0 to 18kgs), can be positioned as rear/forward facing, head hugger with back support cushion for infant, Child Safety Standard ECE R44/04 and we bought the red/white colour. We requested for a new one as the one at the store looks a bit cacat but have to wait for it to be delivered on Wednesday. So car seat & Bumbo baby sitter item will be the playpen. Tapi Mika nak ke duduk dalam playpen??

We reached home around 5, fed Mika tapi he was focusing more on the spoon rather than the food. When I took the spoon away, he will jerit and cuba keluar dari Bumbo tuh..pandai eh sekarang? Then Daddy bathed him while I hiaskan² dia. Golek2 with him on the bed and after Maghrib, he off to sleep. Penat kot coz today tido sekejap kena kejut tido kejap kena kejut. And if weekend, he knows that he will be at home with his mommy & daddy so sangat excited sampai tido pon sekejap jer. That night after Mika dah tido, hubby ajak tengok we layan la this movie but me as usual halfway mesti dah hubby tengok sorang and I tengok part ending dia least I know the beginning and ending of the movie, cukup lar tuh kan? :P and time to masuk bilik and continue to sleep.

Sunday we all semua bangun lambat..normally by 7 semua dah bangun, guess sebab bilik sejuk and gelap macam malam overslept till 7.30AM. Woke hubby up and also kacau² Mika so dia bangun. Hubby brought him to the playground jalan² and Mika had Farley Rusks with milk for his breakfast. My parents came by around 10 to send the foam mattress for Mika. So lepas ni, Mika dapat bergolek dengan luasnya..Mommy and Daddy pon tumpang golek la kan. After Asar, we paid Erin a visit at Columbia Asia Hospital and all the memories started to return..i’ve been there, stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights!! sangat bosan okay hospital and dengan incident where I fainted in the bathroom sampai satu floor kecoh and semua nurses kenal..huhuhu..tapi service mmg the best lar..i got full attention from them..i'm sure Erin will be satisfied too. dropped by at IOI Mall to get my phone repaired sebab Mika dah masukkan dalam mulut dia and now tak boleh dengar..but the sales person said kena leavekan for a day..later la..for now tahan jer la guna headphone tuh..balik dah Maghrib, kemas² sikit and pack Mika’s bag then off to sleep.

dah..weekend yg hectic tapi my sister said.."They all I have, they all I need.."

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