Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anniversary dinner

We went out for our anniversary dinner last night and it was an ad hoc plan hence had to bring lil Mika along. I’m just grateful to be able to spend the night with hubby and Mika. Thought of going to TGI but it's too regular for us so we decided to try for something different. We had to think of the environment too. It must be comfortable, less crowd and not too noisy for lil Mika. We picked Bubba Gump Shrimp Co as we’ve tried the food before and the restaurant is spacious and just nice for lil Mika. Last time we went we did not try the shrimp and this time, we did. For appetizer we had ¾ pound of Shrimper’s Net Catch, main course New York Strip Steak for hubby and Captain’s Fish and Chips for me. Being a fan of lemonade, I tried the Speckled Lemonade with Blueberries and hubby tried the Mango Sparkler. Cheeky Mika just could not sit still. He wanted to be out from the stroller and kept on chewing the fan we bought for him until he ripped one of the blades. Owh, it’s not hard, kinda like polystyrene but of course safe for baby. Enjoy the pics!

on the way...
nice deco eh?

this is what mommy does bila geram kat Mika
smile Mika smile!
Mika geram dengan kipas tuh...
one of the blades tercabut dah
tarik rambut Mommy eh? pastu teruja tengok pic clown
buckle up Mika..time to go
US! mommy terlebih excited pulak :P


~LIZA~ said...

oh the food looks yummy!! & mika looks cute as usual..

nazira aziz said...

comel nya mika , eh sedapnyaaaaa nak makan situuuuu
bubba pyramid ke the curve?

raF|za said...

Liza: the food is delicious, come in big portion too. we ended up tahpau

Zira: sedap jugak..nanti ajak abah gi makan situ lar. dia cam ala² seafood..teringat masa kat perth bila makan fish n chips. pyramid..dekat..heheh