Monday, June 8, 2009

2 years US

Happy 2 years anniversary to US!

thanks sayang for these wonderful 2 years. thank you for being so understanding, caring, loving and for treating me really well. of course we do have our ups and downs but we manage to successfully overcome those obstacles. too bad it falls on Monday and both of us are working plus you are on the PM shift..but we already had an early celebration, don't we? ;) love you so much. sorry for the shouting, for the EMO side of me and nobody can put up with me best except you. lastly, thank you for giving me Ahmad Mikhail Haris..this year, we have him to celebrate it with year??hahaha...we'll see :P

US in 2004..
(pic sangat oldskool..that's the only one i have ere at the moment!)
Our engagement on 100607
2 years ago..

mr & mrs joe
honeymoon in Bali
270408, the day when I found out..
and here is the outcome.. our precious Mika


~LIZA~ said...

happy anniversary!

raF|za said...

thanks dear!

Joe J said...

B, happy anniversary! be a good wife and mother :) love u always

raF|za said...

heheh..i'll be GOOOODDDDD :P:P