Sunday, June 28, 2009

last weekend

As usual, recap on weekend's entry in the beginning of the week :)


As hubby was working last weekend, I went back to Subang (the usual la if hubby works..boring okay duduk rumah with no one around. Don’t mind if at Brunsfield but not in PH) Hubby left for work around 6.45AM, me continue to golek² with Mika but was forced to wake up bila Mika asyik cubit pipi and tangan Mommy. sakit okayyyy..mandi and fed him at 8, we pushed off to subang. sampai subang, Mika had his breakfast Farley Rusks mix with a little bit of milk and licin satu bowl. bathed him and at first I thought nak bring him to Ereen's place but he was sleeping when I was bout to leave so I left him with my mom. Faz picked me up at 11 and off we went to Ereen's parents..dekat jer.
6 months ago, Ereen was the one visiting me and sempat lar demo nak breast feed Mika sbb lil Mika was hungry that time and minum okay mommy’s milk T_T why sekarang tak mahu minum??! Then now it’s Ereen’s turn :) so happy for you girl. You’re gonna be one superb Mom. After minum², Ereen’s hubby, Zab bawak Thaqif turun. Fyi, kami semua dulu sama class masa form 3 and 4 termasuk la Ereen’s hubby. Tapi dulu we all agak takut nak borak with Zab sebab dia nampak serious.
Thaqif sangat comellllll! He’s really a BABY lar (and suddenly I realise my son is not anymore..i mean he’s still a baby tapi baby dah besar lar..sob sob..) Tiba² macam awkward nak pegang Thaqif..poyo jer kan..baru 6 bulan :P so we all snap² some photos and around 1 plus, we excused ourselves.

Umi Ereen with her bundle of joy
Muhammad Ziqry Thaqif
Mommies & besties
cute nyer! look at his hands..
bukak mata dah..just for Aunty Eeja :P
best nye pegang dia!
tangan kanan tuh macam Mika gaks masa kecik..mesti dekat pipi
with my gurls!

Sampai² rumah tengok ada that long awaited parcel..bukan parcel lar..more like big box..sampai jugak after I called the courier service this morning. When I called them, they all ada hati lagi nak hantar on Monday. Then I slow talk cakap..tak boleh ke today..the reason why I changed my add sebab I’m not at home this weekend bla bla..that guy cakap..ok dia check status. Then dia call balik cakap..okay the item is on its way..kalau macam tuh dr dulu kan senang! Aiyoooo..Faz singgah kejap to see Mika and Mika sangat terpegun dengan Aunty Faz sampai berlakon baik. Tak keluar satu suara pon..dia suka je Aunty Faz angkat dia sana sini. Then petang tak buat apa..just lepak² tengok TV, golek² with Mika. Owh, I fed him lunch. He ate Nestum with a lil bit of potato..then petang bagi dia makan Apple puree. Dia suka jer. Hubby balik kerja and we spent the night in Subang as I was lazy to go back sebab nak datang Subang lagi on Sunday


Mika buat bisnes at 3AM! I was asleep then dengar dia berbunyi macam nak buat business lar..tengok² memang dia buat business. Nasib la I don’t mind. Then fed him..after dah minum one more time dia berbusiness lagi..haishh..terlebih makan ke anakku ini..pagi pon dia business lagi after mandi. I thought dia sakit perut but he was cheerful and tak meragam pon. Owh, gigi dia satu dah ada! The white spot on his gum is not a spot’s a tooth but baru suku la..belum naik habis and dia dah boleh nak crawl. Lutut and tangan dah angkat and trying to move his body forward. Sekali tengok macam nak start enjin motor..terstuck². Goyang² dia memang hebat lar but belum gerak lagi..he can only do the commando style to move around.
I wanted to go back to PH for a while nak clean the house, mop, sweep, change the bedsheet..buat apa yang patut. As I bout to start my car, tak boleh start! There was weird sound and told Abah. Abah said it must be the battery. So I borrowed Ajoi’s car and Abah helped me to settle the problem. I was at PH for 2 hours plus and sempat basuh baju baru Mika and mop satu rumah. Okay lar, bersih sikit.
Mika bangun around 2 and now dia dah boleh move to the person dia nampak and mintak angkat. Pastu dah pandai buat macam nak nangis beria..pastu tak jadi..bila agah dia senyum..owh pandai nye kamu..belajar berlakon dari mana yer? *wink*
Aunty Ellie dropped by around 5 and sebab Mika tak tido dr pukul 2, towards the evening, dia nampak letih tapi ok jer lagi nak main². Left to Putra Heights around 6 and waited for hubby to come home kat sana.

That basically what I did last weekend. Nothing much..just quality time with my son and family and also friends. I seriously need a vacation. Boring la life ulang²

note to hubby: must get one before Ramadhan comes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

King of more

The King of Pop aka Michael Jackson has returned to his creator today. I’m not really a big fan of him but amazingly, I do know most of his songs infact i love the songs very much. “Beat it” brings me back the memory when I was 5 or was it 4..I was at my babysitter’s house and the babysitter’s son kept playing this song over and over again and it got stuck in my mind since then. “We Are the Children” was the closing song for my kindergarten concert. I was 5 and though I did not really know the lyrics, I sang along to it with all my heart together with the movements that have been taught by my teacher (you know la kids, always trying very hard to impress their parents). I still remember one part where we needed to raise up our hands, I raised up both hands as high as I could so that my parents could see me (aaa..if only I could find the video tape..) Among the songs that I love are mostly from the Dangerous album; Heal the World, Will You Be There (still remember Free Willy?), Black or White, Remember the Time and others are Rock with You and You Are Not Alone. The King of Pop has been a great influenced to the entertainment world and also to the WORLD itself. His songs have brought the world together eliminating the racial and color issues. We stay united by listening to his songs. I believe he died as a Muslim with the name of Mikaeel? If yes, Alhamdulillah. (fyi, Mika’s name has nothing to do with MJ’s name :P)

In our darkest hour
In my deepest despair
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my trials
And my tribulations
Through our doubts
And frustrations
In my violence
In my turbulence
Through my fear
And my confessions
In my anguish and my pain
Through my joy and my sorrow
In the promise of
Another tomorrow
I'll never let you part
For you're always in my heart.

-Will you be there, Michael Jackson-


turned out this online shop is not so efficient with their delivery service. we were told that we could have the item by Wednesday and latest by Thursday (ni kes penjual yang mahu duit dan cakap dengan confident). we were like.."Okay..we will wait then" it was not a problem for us as hubby's off days felt on these 2 days. come Wednesday, no news from them and the shop said, it will be delivered on Thursday pulak as the other item we paid for is out of stock. Again on Thursday, hubby waited till 10AM and when he called the shop, the reply he got was, "The item will be delivered in the afternoon"

So hubby went out to settle something but just before 12, hubby was back at home. Even the shop called around 11 asking hubby if anyone at home around 1-2PM. Okay so we thought, the item will be arriving around that time tapi dah memang ada dekat rumah la..tak keluar gi mana tunggu item tuh but still till 3PM no news, no phone call. By that time I was really angry and the explantion given by the shop macam ntah they all tak tahu status courier tuh sume. they even ignored hubby phone call bile dah banyak kali call tuh! then tak puas hati, hubby called the courier service himself and was told that the courier came by at 9.50AM but there is no one at home. Hello..tipu laa tuh okay! hubby was online and if yer pon takde orang kat rumah, call laaaaaa!!! ni no phone call nothing..door bell tuh bukannye takde pon..tipu sangat! pastu last² courier tuh cakap tak boleh nak send today sebab they all round area tuh only in the morning. Hoi! orang bayar courier tak kisah la pukul berapa nak hantar pon..takkan kena ikut waktu dia! #$%^&*!@#%!!

me sangat pissed off complain lar kat shop ni..we paid full amount tau and bukan least show la some courtesy by saying sorry ke ape tak..terus nak backing orang courier dia..cakap they all datang pagi pastu no one at home pastu siap bagi ceramah cakap all customers should know that at least someone must be at home to pick up the item bla bla..orang tahu laa weeiii..not first time purchase item online plus ni bukan purchase online siap pegi kedai dia okay kat Setia Alam yang jauh gile tuh..but dia boleh defend courier service dia yang ntah pape tuh..blah laa..i thought CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT?! hey..if like this la you do business, memang confirm tak leh survive lama..customer service sux! courier service pon lagi lar teruk..sangat bodsssss okaayyy!! benci gile..semalam siap dah emo² kat petang semlm hubby called cakap tukar address, send kat my parent's place..guess what? masih tak nampak bayangan item tuh sampai sekarang..gile btol la dey all ni buat the shop owner, tolong la improve customer service anda..jangan la berlagak bagus..duit dah bayar so takkan tak boleh nak be responsible? if attitude macam ni sure u're not gonna be long in this business

Thursday, June 25, 2009

phone dah OK

phone dah okay. thanks to fendi, yeay! my colleague tolong hantarkan kat dis one shop near his house..hubby dah survey kat IOI Mall but the price macam 10 kali ganda dr kedai my friend hantar ni. nasib tak hantar terus kat IOI tuh..rugi jer. then dia siap time tuh jugak, takde nak kena tunggu 1 day ke hantar kilang ke..settle sudah. thanks encik Fendi!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day weekend

We had an early Father’s Day celebration last Saturday and my sister requested for lunch at Bubba Gump (it’s Father’s Day celebration but she got to choose the place :P) so off to Bubba Gump again. Hubby was on OT the night before and slept for few hours in the morning. We simply had it at 2pm so he could join us. More on this with pics HERE!

After lunch, lil Mika did his business (orang lain makan banyak, dia pulak business) and had to detour to Subang to clean him up. Then we made our way to Setia Alam to check the LittleWhiz shop. After doing some research and of course depend on the budget, we settled for Maxi-Cosi: Dori Convertible Car Seat and bought him a Bumbo babysitter together with the play tray. The car seat is suitable from birth to 4 years (0 to 18kgs), can be positioned as rear/forward facing, head hugger with back support cushion for infant, Child Safety Standard ECE R44/04 and we bought the red/white colour. We requested for a new one as the one at the store looks a bit cacat but have to wait for it to be delivered on Wednesday. So car seat & Bumbo baby sitter item will be the playpen. Tapi Mika nak ke duduk dalam playpen??

We reached home around 5, fed Mika tapi he was focusing more on the spoon rather than the food. When I took the spoon away, he will jerit and cuba keluar dari Bumbo tuh..pandai eh sekarang? Then Daddy bathed him while I hiaskan² dia. Golek2 with him on the bed and after Maghrib, he off to sleep. Penat kot coz today tido sekejap kena kejut tido kejap kena kejut. And if weekend, he knows that he will be at home with his mommy & daddy so sangat excited sampai tido pon sekejap jer. That night after Mika dah tido, hubby ajak tengok we layan la this movie but me as usual halfway mesti dah hubby tengok sorang and I tengok part ending dia least I know the beginning and ending of the movie, cukup lar tuh kan? :P and time to masuk bilik and continue to sleep.

Sunday we all semua bangun lambat..normally by 7 semua dah bangun, guess sebab bilik sejuk and gelap macam malam overslept till 7.30AM. Woke hubby up and also kacau² Mika so dia bangun. Hubby brought him to the playground jalan² and Mika had Farley Rusks with milk for his breakfast. My parents came by around 10 to send the foam mattress for Mika. So lepas ni, Mika dapat bergolek dengan luasnya..Mommy and Daddy pon tumpang golek la kan. After Asar, we paid Erin a visit at Columbia Asia Hospital and all the memories started to return..i’ve been there, stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights!! sangat bosan okay hospital and dengan incident where I fainted in the bathroom sampai satu floor kecoh and semua nurses kenal..huhuhu..tapi service mmg the best lar..i got full attention from them..i'm sure Erin will be satisfied too. dropped by at IOI Mall to get my phone repaired sebab Mika dah masukkan dalam mulut dia and now tak boleh dengar..but the sales person said kena leavekan for a day..later la..for now tahan jer la guna headphone tuh..balik dah Maghrib, kemas² sikit and pack Mika’s bag then off to sleep.

dah..weekend yg hectic tapi my sister said.."They all I have, they all I need.."

welcome to the world baby Thaqif & Elena!

My two lovely gurlfriends have safely delivered their babies! Alhamdulillah :)

Mommy Ereen has safely delivered a baby boy, Muhammad Ziqry Thaqif on 17/6
Mama Erin has safely delivered another baby girl, Elena Nabila on 21/6
(yeay, another girl for Erin & Lan)

this is Elena Nabila..isn't she a cutie?? gerammmmm!
*pic is taken from Erin's FB :)

What a pair!
congratulations to new parents in town Ereen & Zab and
for their 2nd princess, Erin & Lan!

I got Ereen's baby pic in my phone but somehow I don't know how to save it to my SIM card hence cannot upload it here..grrggrr..

So happy for Mommy Ereen and Mama Erin. Mika boleh kawan with Thaqif and the 2 princesses mesti jadi rebutan nie

p/s: tengok baby, cam rasa nak baby lagi boleh?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mika and friends

Last Friday fetched Mika from his sitter’s house tengok dia tengah main with Umar. So I snapped some photos of him later joined by Abang Danial, Kak Ayu’s son. Then I received email from Kak Ayu this morning with an attachment photos of him with Umar pakai baju sama. That photos were taken about a month ago. Coincidentally both of them have the same pajamas and they look like twins kan? Umar is 2 months senior than Mika and the 3rd baby, Aidan is a mix Indian with a little bit of Portuguese blood from his Mommy’s side is just 3 months old..2 months junior than Mika. According to Kak Ayu, if Umar makes a sound, then Mika will follow and vice versa. They love to play with the Abang too. Mika will get all excited if he sees Abang. Just hope Mika is happy and enjoy staying there while Mommy and Daddy are off to work. Sorry dear Mika that Mommy had to leave you there, but I’m sure you are well taken care off. InsyaAllah everything will be okay :)
tengok tangan 2 budak ini..sorang ke atas, sorang ke kanan
umar si mata bulat, and Mika si chubby
comel kan??

Umar, Abang Danial & Mika

amboi, pandai babies ni posing kan?

this is Aidan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mikhail at 6 months

Mikhail Haris turned 6 months on 200609. Half a year already??!! Time past by so fast huh?

Let see his “achievements” at 6 months:
  • He’s able to roll over left and right and able to turn himself back. One minute his facing this way and in split seconds he will be facing the other way. never leave him unattended on the bed!
  • Since his grandparents (my parents) bought him a new mattress for him to roll over, he just loves to explore here and there with his toys all around him. he still trying very hard to move forward..u can do it, sayang!
  • He started on solid food already. Nestum, Heinz, Farley Rusks..he loves it..but he loves to grab the spoon and fed himself and will make a noise if I take away the spoon from him..sabar la sayang, dah besar nanti boleh suap let Mommy puas² suap dulu okay..
  • Macam nak merangkak..angkat lutut dan gerak ke depan
  • Loves to shout, loves to see colourful things, loves to see lights, trees
  • Daddy selalu bawak Mika go for a walk..just to get the fresh air and see ‘live’ he loves it very much especially tengok orang main bola kat nearby field
  • Still suka tengok cartoons especially if ada nyanyi², Mickey Mouse, Pocoyo, Dibo, Little Einstein mostly all cartoons in PHDC coz they are very the colourful & cheerful sampai Mommy tengok sekali
  • Boleh masukkan toe dia dalam mulut!
  • Suka minum susu sambil pegang rambut Mommy or pegang rambut dia
  • Masih suka masukkan semua benda dalam mulut
  • Sibuk bila Mommy depan laptop…mesti nak join sekali
  • Suka things yang orang pegang..mesti nak jugak..for eg my handphone and speaker sudah rosak sebab dia masukkan dalam mulut! Actually bukan bagus pon handphone, ada electromagnetic (betul ke word ni??) wave..then remote control lar..if bagi dia toys dia throw it away..he prefers other things like that..
Actually banyak la dia boleh buat..all together from 1 – 6 mths punya skills

there you are, Mommy
muka tak bersalah gigit kipas tuh sampai rosak
Happy 6 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

love, Mika :)

Happy Father's Day to my dearest Abah too! and not to forget, to all the father's out there. have great day okay =)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

50 reasons why it's fun to be a parent

Got this from BabyCenter. I think it so sweet and so true.

The ones in pink mean I've experienced I'm experiencing them =)

50 reasons why it's fun to be a parent:

1 Panicking because you've been given this newborn baby to take home and you haven't even got the manual - then realising how much fun it is learning on the job.

2 Feeling a tiny fist curl around your finger when you touch his palm.

3 Gazing into your baby's eyes and knowing he trusts you totally.

4 Breathing in the best smell in the world: sleepy baby!

5 Being amazed the first time you wrap him up in his blanket, put him against your shoulder, pat him gently and incredibly the yelling stops!

6 Being the most tired you've ever been in your whole life - and the most happy. (so true!)

7 Sitting up in bed feeding your baby in the middle of the night, and knowing that all over the world other mothers are doing just the same.

8 Watching your partner show his son or daughter off to all the visitors.

9 Finding out, at your antenatal class reunion, that no one gets bored of your birth story, no matter how many times you tell it.

10 Overhearing your partner at a party talking earnestly about the best brand of nappy.

11 Watching your baby's sleeping face and wondering what the future holds for him.

12 Discovering how lovely the dawn chorus can be!

13 Taking him out for the first time and discovering that everyone wants to stop and talk.

14 Experiencing that amazing feeling of tenderness when your baby falls asleep in your arms.

15 Buying that Scalextric set/Batman costume/Sylvanian family you always wanted (even though your baby is only one week old).

16 Discovering how infectious a baby's giggles can be.

17 Having someone to leave the family heirlooms to, even if they're only some love letters that baby's father once wrote to you and your grandmother's china puppy dog.

18 Exchanging a smile with other pram-pushing mothers.

19 Dreaming up fantastic food combinations for your baby: avocado and banana, chicken and grapes or sweet potato and broccoli.

20 Laughing when your baby starts waving at everyone on the bus or in the supermarket.

21 Discovering all the little characteristics that make your baby unique: fat toes, sticky-out ears, hair that sticks up no matter how much it's brushed.

22 Taking millions of photographs, which you keep meaning to put into an album, but never quite get round to it.

23 Developing a new family language as your toddler talks about scissoring the lawn or asks for a bikkit.

24 Having little pairs of pink wellies lined up in the hall and/or Action Man underpants scattered on the floor.

25 Knowing the right things to say and the best way to help when your friends have a baby.

26 Watching Nana and Grandad spoil their little treasure rotten.

27 Joining in tactile toddler pleasures like squeezing playdough in your hands, scrunching through autumn leaves or jumping in puddles.

28 Discovering that he's inherited your love of music or his dad's interest in racing cars.

29 or, even better, discovering he has totally different talents, like dancing or painting - where did that come from?

30 Waking up to a sloppy kiss from your toddler.

31 Rediscovering the simple pleasures in life: brightly coloured flowers, the softness of a cat's fur or the feel of sand between your toes, with your little one.

32 Getting used to being known as Jack's mum or Emily's dad.

33 Crying when you see a baby born on TV, understanding how mothers feel everywhere from Beijing to Belfast.

34 Discovering the pleasures of three in a bed - even if you and your partner only have a few inches of space while your baby lies sideways across middle.

35 Enjoying the chance to be really silly again - walking around quacking like a duck or sitting at the table wearing a bib and silly hat to encourage your baby to eat.

36 Trying to answer those awkward questions: Do fish sleep? Why is the sky blue? How do cows have babies if they can't get married?

37 Relishing the moment when he first says, "I love you, Mummy".

38 Re-discovering how brilliant children's books are, even if you do sometimes have to "lose" the one he's wanted every night for the last three weeks!

39 Having one big bubble bath together: and squabbling over who gets the end with the taps.

40 Running up a quick cat costume out of a piece of string, an egg-box and an eye-liner pencil for a party.

41 Multi-tasking: learning how to mix up a bowl of cake mix with one hand while you stick a plaster on a toddler's knee with the other, breastfeed a baby and phone your mum to ask her what she wants for her birthday.

42 Discovering the world through your toddler's eyes: seeing him gaze at a caterpillar or stare transfixed into a rockpool.

43 Making a whole new circle of friends, who just happen to be parents, too.

44 Seeing your values: trying to be straight, kind, honest, hard-working and treat others like you'd like to be treated, rub off on him.

45 Enjoying making up with a hug and kiss once a tantrum is over.

46 Going to a Disney film and no longer being the only unaccompanied adult in the queue!

47 Finding out that bringing up children gives your life a new sense of focus.

48 Crying when you drop him off at playgroup for the first time, then bursting with pride when you pick him up and realise he hasn't missed you at all.

49 Keeping all his best artwork from playgroup and turning your kitchen into your own Tate Modern.

50 Hearing your child say "mum" and wondering who that is, then realising - it's YOU!

first night

title entry ehem ehem..takde ape la..just to say that i survived first night without hubby at home! tapi rumah agak terang dan agak membazir elektrik sebab on banyak lampu..lampu porch, lampu kat dining hall, 2 LED lights, one energy saving stand light kat living hall upstairs and one energy saving light at lanai. energy saving ke? bukan selalu kan..better safe than sorry. dulu duduk apartment hanya perlu satu light jer =( tonight, hubby ada..yeay! then friday, saturday balik subang..okay la kan..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

**this entry was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago!**

okay entry ni sangat outdated. at first thought of putting the actual date, tapi nanti orang tak i jumble up together in today's entry. here it goes..

last last weekend hubby kerja, as mentioned earlier here, so on saturday my sis datang bawak our part time maid to clean the house. while waiting for her to kemas², we went out for lunch at Secret Recipe, PH. as usual, mesti ada camera kan..dan mesti la snap sana sini.

"is that my food mommy?"
with her aunt Zira-dut

then Sunday, quality time with Mika..only me & him at home. speaking of quality time, Mika macam tahu² jer dia dekat rumah with his mommy so dia tido kejap sangat..nap skit² then bangun..bangun buat bunyi² cakap² in his own languange..then if tinggalkan kejap menjerit² suruh i datang tengok dia..dia jerit mmg bunyi dia buat² tau..aiyoo..i even watched Confession of a Shopaholics with him..dia tak nak tido..sibuk nak tengok dalam dia bising² tuh, i amik video ni..tgk la dia buat bunyi ape ntah..

Mika's Kenduri Cukur Jambul

here are some pics from Mika's Cukur Jambul. there are more from my sis. nanti later² i elaborate okay..
l-r: Dr Zainah (my aunt), me, my mom, Nana-dut (my cousin), Zira-dut (my sis)
simple je cot pon my mom punya idea
and my aunt tolong decoratekan

budak kecik baru bangun tido..nasib tak meragam..
my son behaved so well that dat, bravo Mika!
"makan selendang mommy dulu"
my gurls..
l-r: me, mommy-to-be Ereen, Faz & Eisha
kami semua ada shade of blue dekat baju..what a coincidence!
with my dear colleague, ros & her hubby & her handsome son
with the gurls again but now with Erin (expecting her 2nd one),
her hubby & her cute lil angel Irene
tuan rumah of the day, mr & mrs joe

thank you for coming! you all made our was great to have those close ones around to share that wonderful moment with. just what we need =)
for my family, thank you for helping out with EVERYTHING!

sunday morning

Last Sunday we woke up quite early with hubby at 5.30AM (don't ask me why my hubby woke up this early), followed by Mika at 6.45AM and I was the last one to wake up at 7AM. We went to bed quite early too the night before as we were busy with the kenduri the whole day and by end of the day, we were too exhausted and headed straight to bed (will post about the cukur jambul event soon..) I’m sort off blogging backward, try older posts okay
I took Mika out for a walk while hubby do his roadwork around the hood. Before that we stopped by at the playground and as it was still early in the morning, we had it to ourselves. Daddy and Mommy were the ones who excited and Mika had this look trying to understand why were his parents behaving that way :P
Waking up early is so worth it. You will have plenty of time to do plenty of things. Cherish the day and you will feel the difference. Try it!

depan rumah

"apa-apa jer la Mommy..."

Anniversary dinner

We went out for our anniversary dinner last night and it was an ad hoc plan hence had to bring lil Mika along. I’m just grateful to be able to spend the night with hubby and Mika. Thought of going to TGI but it's too regular for us so we decided to try for something different. We had to think of the environment too. It must be comfortable, less crowd and not too noisy for lil Mika. We picked Bubba Gump Shrimp Co as we’ve tried the food before and the restaurant is spacious and just nice for lil Mika. Last time we went we did not try the shrimp and this time, we did. For appetizer we had ¾ pound of Shrimper’s Net Catch, main course New York Strip Steak for hubby and Captain’s Fish and Chips for me. Being a fan of lemonade, I tried the Speckled Lemonade with Blueberries and hubby tried the Mango Sparkler. Cheeky Mika just could not sit still. He wanted to be out from the stroller and kept on chewing the fan we bought for him until he ripped one of the blades. Owh, it’s not hard, kinda like polystyrene but of course safe for baby. Enjoy the pics!

on the way...
nice deco eh?

this is what mommy does bila geram kat Mika
smile Mika smile!
Mika geram dengan kipas tuh...
one of the blades tercabut dah
tarik rambut Mommy eh? pastu teruja tengok pic clown
buckle up Mika..time to go
US! mommy terlebih excited pulak :P