Friday, May 8, 2009

what a small world

if i know this person mesti ada orang lain kenal dia jugak. for eg, my colleague is a friend of my friend (let say her name is S) and S is also a friend of my 2nd cousin. and S is related to my other friend (K). K's sister pulak is my junior at WK. so everyone macam related. then if i baru kenal this person, sure dia akan kena mengena gaks ngan my friends or cousins. what a small world! if takde kena mengena pon sure macam.."eh, u pon from subang?" or "eh, u pon MMU?" or "eh, u pon dulu kerja kat HDPM ke?" or yang paling best.."eh, dulu u pon ade sumthing to do with my ex eh? " (yang ni sure terus tak nak get involve dah) hahahaha..giler..mmg dunia ini semakin kecil!


Joe J said...

wat ar u toking abot??

raF|za said...

hahahaha..i oso dunno..rambling ere n there.. :P