Friday, May 29, 2009

that's us!

daddy Joe

mommy eeja

little Mika

i guess lots of people would say little Mika looks like his daddy..okay i got that and even can cope with it though it hurts a little okay i lie..hurts to the bit tapi....i learn how to deal with it, yer la Mika kan anak daddy tak kisah la kan..but what i cannot stand the most is when people keep repeating the same thing over and over and the worst part is when they tell it right to my face that he got his daddy's eyes bla bla just pissed me off. sebab nya kalau iyer pon betul..jangan la ulang banyak kali..macam..everytime nak kena mention ke? tau tak macam terasa habis bila orang dok ulang benda yang sama cakap camtuh. once is enough, there is no need to repeat okay?


nazira aziz said...

cube tengok mulut kak ja ngan mika haha dah plan buat expression samaa ehhhhh

raF|za said...

haaaaah laaaaaaaaa..baru perasaaannnnnn..hahahah..mika tiru!

afnilogy said...

awak...takla..muka mika ikut muka awak masa baby..seriusss

raF|za said...

hi afni! best nye bump into awk dat day. nxt time maybe bole lunch together :) hehehe..kta pon rasa dia cam ala2 kta..heheh

Fazlynne Majid said...

he is totally u ok dear :) xoxo

raF|za said...

hi faz! sorry bout the emo lar..i don't mind actually he takes after who but there are some people yang agak irritating..i'll tell u more when i meet u ya.. :)