Sunday, May 24, 2009

scream Mika scream

Weekend started early with…

Left office at 2.30pm to bring Mika for his 5th month check up and had his third and final Hep B injection. His current weight is 8.7kg and surprisingly it does not increase much than last month’s. Paed says that’s fine because he’s already above average (which is good) and he is progressing well. This time of injection, he did not realise it when the needle being poked but after 3 seconds he cried..but kejap jer..lag sungguh Mika ni :P As he could roll over and support his neck by himself, Paed said he’s now ready for solid. Can start giving him baby food like Heinz/Gerber, Farley rusks and also Nestum but the plain one once a day and after 2 weeks can increase it to twice daily but till today I have not started on him yet :P
Went back to PH, lepak² while waiting for Mika to wake up and then mandikan dia. Hubby got a futsal game till midnight and he suggested that we spent the night at Subang

i'm 5 months old already!
mari berjoget..hey hey..
tangan kepak-kepak..tak boleh duduk diam
ok dah diam..pandang camera dengan serious


Today is “Just the 2 of us” day. Hubby and I went to Pyramid to watch Star Trek followed by lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I am not a follower of Star Trek and have no idea who James T Kirk, Spock are until I watched the movie and I’m kinda enjoyed watching it. We left Pyramid at 2.30pm and went back to PH without Mika as the furniture that was supposed to arrive yesterday will be arriving today. At first we thought to clean the house later and just arrange the furniture nicely but what the heck..dusty might as well sweep and mop the house. after Asar, went to check out Mika’s playpen and no success in finding the best one. Ereen told me that IKEA has selection of playpen but they are more to cot style (cot/playpen/bed) similar to what we are having now. still looking for the foldable and easy to move around type. Reached Subang around 6 and sangat rindu Mika sebab keluar awal pagi then petang baru balik. Then after Maghrib we went back to Putra Heights. Initial plan nak tengok movie, layan blue ray but sangat letih dan by 11 dah tido. Hubby cakap I terjaga malam sebab dengar Mika instead of comforting Mika on my right side who was sleeping in his cot, I pergi comfort hubby on the left..huhuh..tak sedar pulak :P

Woke up at 7 and played around with Mika..Mika sangat suka jerit² sekarang. Kejut hubby bangun beli breakfast and we left for IKEA around 10. Nak cari carpet/rug to match with the furniture and also nak spend time kat luar rumah with Mika. Dapat beli carpet, runner, floor mat untuk kat dalam and also for outside, beli some deco for the coffee table and we also bought a plant, konon² nak sejukkan rumah. At first thinking of having lunch there but oh my..the crowd..we headed straight to the lift after checked out. Decided to lunch at Parade, thought nak pergi TGI but we headed to Manhattan Fish Market instead. Mika jerit² sekuat hati di situ..bukan jerit nangis or what..but guess he was excited kot..tak boleh duduk diam. We checked out the playpens at Toys “R” Us and don’t know la..the items there macam dah lama jer so we ended up buying a toy for Mika and again no success to the playpen hunting.

The weekend was well spent. Quality time with hubby and also family outing with lil Mika sampai Mika kepenatan pukul 6 lebih dah tido.

memikirkan masa depan..
"I want the camera!!"
mari lihat di sana pulak
mesti mommy pon nak amik pic sekali


Yours Truly said...

i bought ameerah's playpen at toy 'r' us. brand-Esprit n its a foldable one n comes with a bag. easy to bring anywhere.very convenient.but guna once in a while je cuz ameerah tanak dok dalam tu...hhuhuhuhu.

raF|za said...

hi aju! owh yes, i dah tengok esprit's in my list :) how bout the mattress? beli separate ke? tuh la..i takut Mika pon tak nak duduk dalam tuh..heheh..