Monday, May 18, 2009

quiet weekend

spent the weekend at subang coz hubby was on PM shift on friday and saturday. left putra heights on friday evening and headed to home sweet home. it was kinda a boring weekend as there was not much of activity going on. we had a post Mother's day celebration with cake cutting ceremony for the mothers (Umi & Me) during tea time on saturday.

then on sunday, went back to putra heights around 10 together with Umi and Zira as we had an appointment with the caterer. why caterer?? owh, we are going to have a kenduri cukur jambul for Mika on 6/6. sending the invites soon :) then around 2 something went back to subang and drop Mika there while me and hubby went out to shah alam to do his baju melayu and then to Parade to find my baju. it was almost 6 when we reached subang back and picked Mika up and headed back to PH. that basically how my weekend goes..B.O.R.I.N.G.!.!

here are some photos taken from the post Mother's day celebration courtesy of Zira

i love my Umi!
my turn to cut the cake
my happy little family
Zira macam pakai antenna tuh :P
this is why i don't like to take photo beside my sis! *sheesh*
little Mika with his grandpa
saje nak pose sebelah cake


Fazlynne Majid said...

happy belated mummy day my dearest fiz!


raF|za said...

thank you faz dearie!

nazira aziz said...

wahahahahaha pakai antenna