Monday, May 4, 2009

labour day and a weekend

What a long, tiring but a satisfying weekend :) First of all, happy labour day to all the workers out there!

Initial plan was to pick up Kak Isma (part time maid) to clean up Putra Heights but she could not make it today. Hubby was off to work (though it was Labour Day he still had to work due to his odd shift) and I planned to take Mika to Subang. As we were about to leave, I could not find my house key and had to call Umi for the spare one. Luckily Umi have it and she sent Ellie and Nana to pick me up accompanied by Aunty Zie. Haish..guess I must have left the key in the car sebab the day before hubby was at home and he opened the door for me (adakah ini tanda² yang saya memang patut kena pindah?). Mika has grown so much since the last time they saw (yer la, first time when he was a day old and now he’s 4 months ++, banyak beza tuh) and Aunty Zie, Nana and Iman were so excited to see him. Nana could not stop herself from carrying him around and Mika..he enjoyed it, of course! Any activity with movement will do. The older generation (grandma, Umi & Aunty Zie) went out first to pay my great grandpa a visit. He’s now at Columbia Asia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Shah Alam and I think he’s going to be 99 or 100 years old this year.
At 3, 6 of us (my 3 cousins, my sis, Aunty Zie and me) went to Pyramid. It has been so long since our last outing together and I enjoyed my 4 hours there, except the part when Umi called and told me about my busybody grandma. My grandma..the mood spoiler, enough said. I managed to grab a pair of jeans and one bodysuit for Mika. Then had dinner at Subang and waited for hubby to pick me up and returned to Brunsfield at 10PM

this is what i did while waiting for 'rescuer' to arrive
King Mika!
Aunty Zira-dut
with cousin Ellie
chilling out with cousins, sis and aunty Zie

Woke up around 6.30..(ever since I had Mika, no more waking up late..if ada pon, sure because dah bangun then tido balik). He’s an early riser, 5.30 – 6AM dah bangun. Then breakfast at Subang and left Mika there to pack things up at Brunsfield. Yes, we are moving and hopefully for good :) Although we took the X-trail, we still had to do 2 round of trips. Cleaned our house in Putra Heights (PH) and unpacked tiring! Hubby fixed whatever that needs to be fixed and I arranged whatever that needs to be arranged. We were done by 3 and headed off to Summit to the hardware store and also for lunch. Then we made a quick stop to Giant and get mattress for Mika and bought some household stuffs. Umi came with Zira and Ellie to drop Mika. At 10, not sure because of the weather or the room temperature but his body was quite warm so I decided to give him Paracetamol and put him beside me instead in his cot. Hubby slept in the living room to watch football so I had the bed all by myself. I even put a damp towel on his forehead to cool him off and gave him another round of medicine at 5AM

mandi with Tok Mi
sempat lagi pandang camera
this is how Mika chill bila penat baring
with uncle Joi
oops..nampak perut & birth mark
la Mika
his favourite activity
Mika's new home

Mika ngada² with his Tok Mi

Alhamdulillah, Mika was up and well. Maybe he was adjusting himself to the new house and environment. Again Kak Isma was unavailable and she had to cancel it last minute. We brought Mika to Subang and breakfast at Umi’s. Instead of 10 mins journey from Brunsfield to Subang, now it becomes 15-20mins journey. Nvm, at least Putra Heights is still part of Subang. Was happy sebab dapat mandikan Mika and put him to sleep. Hubby and I then went to Taipan again to the hardware store (hubby tak habis² pergi hardware store..hopefully he manage to DIY something) as he wanted to get other things. We went back to Putra Heights and cleaned up another round, buat apa yang patut and was quite satisfied with it. Okay lar, bit more comfortable and cleaner than before. I’ll post the photos in another entry. then dah mandi siap semua, we thought of having Ayam Penyet for late lunch and off we go to SS15. Sebab sangat rindu dengan Mika, makan cepat² and balik to Subang. Mika dah mandi and I got the chance to feed and played with him. Can’t get enough of him. Cuti 3 hari but was so busy with other things. We went back to PH at 8 and balik, tengok TV jap and by 9 plus I was off to sleep and this time with hubby beside me :P I even curi² letak Mika kat sebelah after his 2AM feeding. Don’t mind at all to be stucked in the hubby, KING size bed after this?

Mika chilling out on Sunday

Thanks to Umi, Abah, Zira, Ajoi and my dear cousin Ellie for looking after Mika these 3 days. boleh buat lagi next time :P

Now the bbsitter’s house is only 5 mins away minus the keluar rumah, tutup gate, traffic light instead of that long 20 mins..usually Mika will doze off on the way there and now tak sempat dah nak tido..kejap je dah sampai. Hopefully it will be better lar..wish us luck okay. Later..

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