Friday, May 22, 2009

it's friday

yeay hari ni console & coffee table sampai! after this boleh lepak bawah..speaking of lepak bawah, we need to install 2nd Astro..don't think guna wireless boleh sampai bawah..seeeee..banyak benda kan nak buat if duduk rumah..owh preparation for kenduri cukur jambul mostly done by Umi and she did a marvellous job! from cari orang Marhabban, baju jubah kecik Mika, the doorgift, deco for the cot, catering & canopy and she even managed to get this person to drill lubang² for our frames yang tak gantung² lagi sampai sekarang. if suruh en hubby buat..naaaahhh..he will screw everything up..kang lubang sana lubang sini..not a good handyman my hubby keluar duit sikit then upah orang..satisfation guaranteed! my mum is a superMOM and i never could imagine my life without her..she's the most dedicated person ever and very good in this kind of thing..with that, i thank you UMI!!!

anyone volunteer to be Photographer of the event??? i seriously need one now..


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huhuhu..boleh jgn malu2 tau..thanks dut!