Wednesday, May 13, 2009


weekend lepas adalah demam-duduk-rumah-weekend for me..haishhh..

told ya i was not unwell last thurs..then friday macam okay so i went to work but dah rasa macam x best towards the evening. so i took panadol and went to bed early leaving Mika to his daddy. woke up on Saturday feeling berat kepala and started to have flu + cough. so memang confirm macam demam. asked hubby to mandikan Mika, siapkan and fed him coz i wanted to minimise my contact with him. nak kiss sume macam kena cover ( err..kiss di sini for Mika okay :P). then we have a wedding to attend that afternoon. drop Mika at my parents' and we headed off to @enstek, Sepang. masa dekat wedding tuh, i was not in a mood at all. not because i don't know the people there..cuma susah nak cakap². but hubby was nice enough to layan my crankiness and stayed with me most of the time. owh yang kahwin tuh his dad's cousin punya daughter. so most of his relative were there. lepas pengantin berarak, we made a move and pergi clinic. check temperature and it was 39.5 and she prescribed me banyak betul medicine..flu, cough, antibiotic, ubat to reduce the swollen at my throat & paracetamol. i went straight to bed and rested till 6. by right we were supposed to attend a birthday party that evening, hubby's cousin buat birthday party for his 3 yr old daughter. plan to go sebab kat subang jer but memang tak larat. then called Umi said that I could not come over to pick up Mika and prefer if Mika spend the night there. hubby dropped by for a while on his way to meet up with his friends. though I miss Mika a lot..yer la..mana pernah separate dengan dia since dia lahir..except for 2 nights masa dia dalam hari and he had to be warded due to yellow fever but it was a good moment lar to have time alone with hubby :):)

sunday, pergi breakfast at Darus @ss15 and went to my parents'. happy to see Mika tapi macam pelik kenapa Mika ade dot dot di muka..macam kena gigit nyamuk..and by afternoon ada la few spots and merah²..kat tangan pon ada and behind his ear..macam kena gigit semut pon ada..kesian nye anak being paranoid terus bawak pergi clinic. Umi called the clinic first to make sure we are not going to see the same doctor. this time the doc is very nice and friendly. sampai Mika pon terngaga mulut dia tengok doctor tuh explain..haish..i should have taken a photo of him..mata bulat tengok doc tuh cakap, his mouth was wide open..macam paham jer..doc cakap..nothing serious..kena gigit² ni pastu bagi ubat cream and if perlu bagi ubat makan for gatal². mommy pergi clinic, Mika pon pergi..coz i was unwell that weekend, nak celebrate mother's day pon postpone..baru cam excited sebab first time kan..hehehe..nvm, next year ada lagi.. :):)


haNNa said... mandikan mika..impress!

raF|za said...

hehehe..haah, dah boleh harap dah pakcik tuh..tukar pampers pon dah boleh..nxt training, tukar pampers bile Mika poo :P