Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 in the morning

i need to plan the activities for this coming weekend. with hubby working and my mom will be out of town, i have no other choice than staying put at PH. anways, my sis is kind enough to volunteer to pick up our part time maid and send her to my house on saturday morning. guess saturday's plan will be..lunch with sis and Mika then maybe window to be confirmed. then on sunday..maybe it will just be and Mika at home..quality time with Mika with hope the houses next door which are under renovation now will not make too much noise.

my neighbours..the one on the right is a Malay family, have 2 is about 3 years old and the second one is 3 months old. then on the left, is a Chinese family. they have their in-laws and parents staying with them and they also have a 4 months old baby boy. looks like Mika will have friends soon..although they were born in different year but the age different is only by 1-2 months.

slept with Mika on the bed last night as hubby wanted to watch Barcelona & Man Utd match and opted to sleep in the hall. at 4, i could hear Mika shuffling, moving, yawning, stretching and when i looked at him, he was wide awake and even managed to smile at me. i was like.."'s 4 in the morning..what are you doing??kamu mahu tengok bola jugak ke??" then it came across my mind that his last feeding was at 10PM, which means he was hungry but still wanted to play. fed him and i left him alone and after few minutes he dozed off to sleep too.

on unrelated note but related to previous entry, i got new tyres already! thanks to hubby who changed both tyres yesterday. love you!

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