Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mika kena tickle

Mika kena tickle by his daddy..i tak pandai buat dia gelak macam ni..seems like dia memang suka bila daddy dia kacau perut dia..sometimes tengok muka daddy jer boleh senyum..then bila daddy dia keluar suara je dia leh gelak cam ape la kelakar sangat..huhuh..excuse kaki my hubby yang sexy tuh :P

Friday, May 29, 2009

that's us!

daddy Joe

mommy eeja

little Mika

i guess lots of people would say little Mika looks like his daddy..okay i got that and even can cope with it though it hurts a little okay i lie..hurts to the bit tapi....i learn how to deal with it, yer la Mika kan anak daddy tak kisah la kan..but what i cannot stand the most is when people keep repeating the same thing over and over and the worst part is when they tell it right to my face that he got his daddy's eyes bla bla just pissed me off. sebab nya kalau iyer pon betul..jangan la ulang banyak kali..macam..everytime nak kena mention ke? tau tak macam terasa habis bila orang dok ulang benda yang sama cakap camtuh. once is enough, there is no need to repeat okay?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


notice tak my background tuh lebih kurang sama macam Mika's bib? i don't really fancy blue before this but since i have, green and brown have been my favourites :):)

4 in the morning

i need to plan the activities for this coming weekend. with hubby working and my mom will be out of town, i have no other choice than staying put at PH. anways, my sis is kind enough to volunteer to pick up our part time maid and send her to my house on saturday morning. guess saturday's plan will be..lunch with sis and Mika then maybe window to be confirmed. then on sunday..maybe it will just be and Mika at home..quality time with Mika with hope the houses next door which are under renovation now will not make too much noise.

my neighbours..the one on the right is a Malay family, have 2 is about 3 years old and the second one is 3 months old. then on the left, is a Chinese family. they have their in-laws and parents staying with them and they also have a 4 months old baby boy. looks like Mika will have friends soon..although they were born in different year but the age different is only by 1-2 months.

slept with Mika on the bed last night as hubby wanted to watch Barcelona & Man Utd match and opted to sleep in the hall. at 4, i could hear Mika shuffling, moving, yawning, stretching and when i looked at him, he was wide awake and even managed to smile at me. i was like.."'s 4 in the morning..what are you doing??kamu mahu tengok bola jugak ke??" then it came across my mind that his last feeding was at 10PM, which means he was hungry but still wanted to play. fed him and i left him alone and after few minutes he dozed off to sleep too.

on unrelated note but related to previous entry, i got new tyres already! thanks to hubby who changed both tyres yesterday. love you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tuesday yang kelam

today is such a bad day..started with hantar Mika to his sitter's house then "Alamak, lupa bawak puting Mika.." kena patah balik..luckily dekat jer..but still..then about to reach office tetiba rasa steering vibrate kuat gile diikuti bunyi POP.."Oh tyre!!" cepat² call hubby tetapi masih di fast lane cakap "Ape ni..tayar kereta dah flattttt!! @#$%^&*@##!!!" macam nak berhenti kat Petronas tapi nak buat apa kat situ..then hubby cakap dia boleh keluar only at 9, that time was park at office first..met hubby at petronas ingat nak isi angin dulu with hope sempat la sampai Dengkil tapi hubby cakap tyre tuh flat habis..kena tukar spare..nasib cuaca tak panas..ala² mendung..hubby tukar tyre dengan hebat sekali..and right lepas tukar hujan lebat..nasib sempat. thanks B, u're really my hero..chewah.. :P:P then nak masuk office balik.."Shhhooottt..where's my access card????" pagi tadi ada have to mintak tolong my colleague carikan dalam handbag which i left it in my drawer..but takde..she was kind enough to let me borrow her access card and went all the way to Basement to get hers and back to 1st floor to give it to me. kelam punya pasal access card pon tak ingat letak mana..then on the way back baru teringat, "Entah² terselit kat folder atas tuh..instead of in the pocket..maybe kat belakang pocket tuh.." yes, i was right..the access card was there..bersembunyi dengan jayanya sehingga boleh membuat tuan dia mencari merata dan kelam kabut..sigh..bad Tuesday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

scream Mika scream

Weekend started early with…

Left office at 2.30pm to bring Mika for his 5th month check up and had his third and final Hep B injection. His current weight is 8.7kg and surprisingly it does not increase much than last month’s. Paed says that’s fine because he’s already above average (which is good) and he is progressing well. This time of injection, he did not realise it when the needle being poked but after 3 seconds he cried..but kejap jer..lag sungguh Mika ni :P As he could roll over and support his neck by himself, Paed said he’s now ready for solid. Can start giving him baby food like Heinz/Gerber, Farley rusks and also Nestum but the plain one once a day and after 2 weeks can increase it to twice daily but till today I have not started on him yet :P
Went back to PH, lepak² while waiting for Mika to wake up and then mandikan dia. Hubby got a futsal game till midnight and he suggested that we spent the night at Subang

i'm 5 months old already!
mari berjoget..hey hey..
tangan kepak-kepak..tak boleh duduk diam
ok dah diam..pandang camera dengan serious


Today is “Just the 2 of us” day. Hubby and I went to Pyramid to watch Star Trek followed by lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I am not a follower of Star Trek and have no idea who James T Kirk, Spock are until I watched the movie and I’m kinda enjoyed watching it. We left Pyramid at 2.30pm and went back to PH without Mika as the furniture that was supposed to arrive yesterday will be arriving today. At first we thought to clean the house later and just arrange the furniture nicely but what the heck..dusty might as well sweep and mop the house. after Asar, went to check out Mika’s playpen and no success in finding the best one. Ereen told me that IKEA has selection of playpen but they are more to cot style (cot/playpen/bed) similar to what we are having now. still looking for the foldable and easy to move around type. Reached Subang around 6 and sangat rindu Mika sebab keluar awal pagi then petang baru balik. Then after Maghrib we went back to Putra Heights. Initial plan nak tengok movie, layan blue ray but sangat letih dan by 11 dah tido. Hubby cakap I terjaga malam sebab dengar Mika instead of comforting Mika on my right side who was sleeping in his cot, I pergi comfort hubby on the left..huhuh..tak sedar pulak :P

Woke up at 7 and played around with Mika..Mika sangat suka jerit² sekarang. Kejut hubby bangun beli breakfast and we left for IKEA around 10. Nak cari carpet/rug to match with the furniture and also nak spend time kat luar rumah with Mika. Dapat beli carpet, runner, floor mat untuk kat dalam and also for outside, beli some deco for the coffee table and we also bought a plant, konon² nak sejukkan rumah. At first thinking of having lunch there but oh my..the crowd..we headed straight to the lift after checked out. Decided to lunch at Parade, thought nak pergi TGI but we headed to Manhattan Fish Market instead. Mika jerit² sekuat hati di situ..bukan jerit nangis or what..but guess he was excited kot..tak boleh duduk diam. We checked out the playpens at Toys “R” Us and don’t know la..the items there macam dah lama jer so we ended up buying a toy for Mika and again no success to the playpen hunting.

The weekend was well spent. Quality time with hubby and also family outing with lil Mika sampai Mika kepenatan pukul 6 lebih dah tido.

memikirkan masa depan..
"I want the camera!!"
mari lihat di sana pulak
mesti mommy pon nak amik pic sekali

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's friday

yeay hari ni console & coffee table sampai! after this boleh lepak bawah..speaking of lepak bawah, we need to install 2nd Astro..don't think guna wireless boleh sampai bawah..seeeee..banyak benda kan nak buat if duduk rumah..owh preparation for kenduri cukur jambul mostly done by Umi and she did a marvellous job! from cari orang Marhabban, baju jubah kecik Mika, the doorgift, deco for the cot, catering & canopy and she even managed to get this person to drill lubang² for our frames yang tak gantung² lagi sampai sekarang. if suruh en hubby buat..naaaahhh..he will screw everything up..kang lubang sana lubang sini..not a good handyman my hubby keluar duit sikit then upah orang..satisfation guaranteed! my mum is a superMOM and i never could imagine my life without her..she's the most dedicated person ever and very good in this kind of thing..with that, i thank you UMI!!!

anyone volunteer to be Photographer of the event??? i seriously need one now..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

playpen tapi menjadi emo pulak

nak beli playpen but don't know which brand is the best..should i buy branded one..or the local one will do? playpen akan diletakkan di living hall bawah so Mika boleh duduk diam² dalam tuh while me pergi masak or perkara sewaktu dengannya (oooo..selagi takde playpen tak boleh masak ke??) susah tau if i'm left alone with him..have to put him upstairs sebab living hall bawah tak habis decorate lagi (sangat merindui apartment!!!! rumah 2 tingkat ini sungguh penat lar) and dah kalau dia alone kat atas, of course i have to be there en hubby, not that i don't want to's just that so leceh lar..nak kerja lagi, nak layan Mika lagi..unless i'm a full time housewife..sure boleh nyer divide time. my friend was right, i should let hubby takes care of him one day and saya pergi bersuka ria so en hubby can feel how i feel..

eversince Mika is around, i have this jealous feeling if orang lain sibuk² dengan Mika. yes, i'm that paranoid..but as a mother, i think it's not wrong to feel that way..5 hours in the labour room really made me treasure him sangat². so when other people 'handle' him, i wish they don't (yes, i'm that EVIL). macam " can see but no touch okay.." bukan saya tak kasi..tapi saya sangat paranoid dan selalu berfikir begini.."he's MINE! kalau orang lain amik barang kamu, kamu suka ke??!! sure tak kan.." gile teruk before anything, i'm so sorry for having that thought..maybe he's too precious for when you have a nice puluhan ribu diamond necklace yang u beli dengan duit sendiri then orang lain nak sibuk² pegang and pinjam..macam tuh la rasa dia..okay, tak perlu la sampai example mahal macam tuh..macam..u beli something yang boleh dikatakan expensive dengan hasil titik peluh u sendiri..sure rasa something kan bile orang lain pegang, tengok², test..haaa..camtuh lar!

okay, entry sudah merepek dan agak emo..forgive's just me being a paranoid MOM and yeah, whatever lar orang nak cakap..i'm sure other mothers out there..not all tapi mesti ada yang rasa apa yang saya rasa. only Moms can understand this and Dads..they all bukan sensitif sangat bout this..haish..entry nak cari playpen but ended up me being EMO and PARANOID pulak! enough Eeja sebelum "terlajak perahu boleh di undur, terlajak kata..haaa..sapa nak undurkan..amik kau..nanti semua orang tak suka"

p/s: please, jangan lar takut nak bermesra dengan Mika when you see i said..i'm being paranoid and agak merepek..ignore me okay? :P ni mesti sebab Adam Lambert tak menang American Idol ni..yeah, blame it on that event!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

you're invited..

Assalammualaikum & hello to our dear family & lovely friends.
We would like to invite you & your family to our son, Ahmad Mikhail Haris' kenduri cukur jambul cum house warming.
Details as below..

Date: 6/6/09
Time: 11.45AM
Venue: TBA

Hope to see you there! :)

p/s: do let us know if you need our guidance to get to our place

Mikhail at 5 months

Mikhail Haris turns 5 months today!

Let's see
what he can do so far..
  • he can roll over (meniarap) and pantang kalau letak bawah mesti nak roll..dapat tengok different view, bile dah meniarap akan reverse instead of moving forward
  • sudah kenal nama sendiri..panggil Mikhail, Mika akan tersipu² malu..mesti cuba panggil dia Haris lepas ini
  • suka sangat aktiviti berdiri and kalau berdiri tuh akan memasukkan tangan dalam mulut..nak feel kot pastu mulut akan terbuka menandakan dia suka macam tuh
  • dia suka Barney T.T "I love you, You love me we're a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. won't you say you love me too"
  • dah kenal mommy and daddy dia..especiall mommy dia lar..he wants his mommy to cuddle him to bed, comfort him bile dia cry and akan merajuk bile mommy dia tak layan
  • belum boleh makan though i have the urge to feed him the Heinz fruit puree tuh..tanya Paed dulu kot
  • suka gelak bila orang gelak or orang buat expression pelik..dia macam mommy dia..gelak for no reason..for eg pagi tadi..ada this darn roach naik atas kaki mommy dia and i screamed sebab geli sambil muka macam terkejut horror kot..dia gelak..hehehe
  • excited kalau cartoon tuh colorful, maybe dia ingat cartoon tuh cakap dengan dia..lagi² bile tengok kat tv 42 inch yg daddy dia beli tuh..rasa real kot..huhuh
  • dah boleh pegang botol susu sendiri tapi selalu jer manja² nak orang lain pegang
  • now dia macam suka gigit benda kuat²..ada this rubber chicken bunyi² Tok Mi dia belikan..akan gigit kepala, ekor chicken tuh sampai ada bunyi²..gatal gusi ke..huhuh
  • if tido, fav pose suka pusing ke kiri sambil memeluk batal peluk
  • suka bila mommy reads to him..he loves the colorful pics and those books yang boleh touch²
  • geli bile kiss kaki dia, kat leher dia and tickle perut dia..tickle perut dia only his daddy boleh buat sampai gelak..i tried tapi takda ape pon
so much more lar..nanti i post latest photo of him and update about his 5th months check up :)

Happy 5 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
mommy & daddy love always :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

quiet weekend

spent the weekend at subang coz hubby was on PM shift on friday and saturday. left putra heights on friday evening and headed to home sweet home. it was kinda a boring weekend as there was not much of activity going on. we had a post Mother's day celebration with cake cutting ceremony for the mothers (Umi & Me) during tea time on saturday.

then on sunday, went back to putra heights around 10 together with Umi and Zira as we had an appointment with the caterer. why caterer?? owh, we are going to have a kenduri cukur jambul for Mika on 6/6. sending the invites soon :) then around 2 something went back to subang and drop Mika there while me and hubby went out to shah alam to do his baju melayu and then to Parade to find my baju. it was almost 6 when we reached subang back and picked Mika up and headed back to PH. that basically how my weekend goes..B.O.R.I.N.G.!.!

here are some photos taken from the post Mother's day celebration courtesy of Zira

i love my Umi!
my turn to cut the cake
my happy little family
Zira macam pakai antenna tuh :P
this is why i don't like to take photo beside my sis! *sheesh*
little Mika with his grandpa
saje nak pose sebelah cake

Friday, May 15, 2009

who's the next AI?

it's now down to 2..both have their own personalities and both are different!
me of course go with AL :)

Adam LambertKris Allen

*pics courtesy of google image*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


weekend lepas adalah demam-duduk-rumah-weekend for me..haishhh..

told ya i was not unwell last thurs..then friday macam okay so i went to work but dah rasa macam x best towards the evening. so i took panadol and went to bed early leaving Mika to his daddy. woke up on Saturday feeling berat kepala and started to have flu + cough. so memang confirm macam demam. asked hubby to mandikan Mika, siapkan and fed him coz i wanted to minimise my contact with him. nak kiss sume macam kena cover ( err..kiss di sini for Mika okay :P). then we have a wedding to attend that afternoon. drop Mika at my parents' and we headed off to @enstek, Sepang. masa dekat wedding tuh, i was not in a mood at all. not because i don't know the people there..cuma susah nak cakap². but hubby was nice enough to layan my crankiness and stayed with me most of the time. owh yang kahwin tuh his dad's cousin punya daughter. so most of his relative were there. lepas pengantin berarak, we made a move and pergi clinic. check temperature and it was 39.5 and she prescribed me banyak betul medicine..flu, cough, antibiotic, ubat to reduce the swollen at my throat & paracetamol. i went straight to bed and rested till 6. by right we were supposed to attend a birthday party that evening, hubby's cousin buat birthday party for his 3 yr old daughter. plan to go sebab kat subang jer but memang tak larat. then called Umi said that I could not come over to pick up Mika and prefer if Mika spend the night there. hubby dropped by for a while on his way to meet up with his friends. though I miss Mika a lot..yer la..mana pernah separate dengan dia since dia lahir..except for 2 nights masa dia dalam hari and he had to be warded due to yellow fever but it was a good moment lar to have time alone with hubby :):)

sunday, pergi breakfast at Darus @ss15 and went to my parents'. happy to see Mika tapi macam pelik kenapa Mika ade dot dot di muka..macam kena gigit nyamuk..and by afternoon ada la few spots and merah²..kat tangan pon ada and behind his ear..macam kena gigit semut pon ada..kesian nye anak being paranoid terus bawak pergi clinic. Umi called the clinic first to make sure we are not going to see the same doctor. this time the doc is very nice and friendly. sampai Mika pon terngaga mulut dia tengok doctor tuh explain..haish..i should have taken a photo of him..mata bulat tengok doc tuh cakap, his mouth was wide open..macam paham jer..doc cakap..nothing serious..kena gigit² ni pastu bagi ubat cream and if perlu bagi ubat makan for gatal². mommy pergi clinic, Mika pon pergi..coz i was unwell that weekend, nak celebrate mother's day pon postpone..baru cam excited sebab first time kan..hehehe..nvm, next year ada lagi.. :):)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy mother's day

hope it's still not too late to wish HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mommies out there, to those who are expecting, to my Umi and also my mommy in law..yeah, it's OUR day!

To my mom, Tengku Sharifah Hajar, thank you for being a supermom. for helping me out with almost everything, fulfilling my wishes since I was small sampai la sekarang ni..for your delicious cooking, for your strength and support and for your care. words cannot describe how much you mean to me and of course, me loves you so much! thank you for giving me this life and without you..i'm nothing. i will try to be as rajin as you, buat kerja non stop, akan try memasak walaupon sibuk nak pergi berjalan², akan try mengemas rumah selalu dan akan try menjadi creative untuk menceriakan rumah. owh I need to learn how to buy things at market, what to buy, berapa banyak nak beli and how much is the expenses per trip and also I need to learn how to cooking skill tak hebat langsung! I don't know where you have the strength to do things non stop from one thing to another and if dah kemas² rumah masih boleh larat untuk keluar berjalan² Umi, you are one great woman. i'll try to be like you..if not today maybe tomorrow or soon you so much!

that's 3-month-old me with Umi

Friday, May 8, 2009

what a small world

if i know this person mesti ada orang lain kenal dia jugak. for eg, my colleague is a friend of my friend (let say her name is S) and S is also a friend of my 2nd cousin. and S is related to my other friend (K). K's sister pulak is my junior at WK. so everyone macam related. then if i baru kenal this person, sure dia akan kena mengena gaks ngan my friends or cousins. what a small world! if takde kena mengena pon sure macam.."eh, u pon from subang?" or "eh, u pon MMU?" or "eh, u pon dulu kerja kat HDPM ke?" or yang paling best.."eh, dulu u pon ade sumthing to do with my ex eh? " (yang ni sure terus tak nak get involve dah) hahahaha..giler..mmg dunia ini semakin kecil!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

rasa nak demam

rasa macam nak demam..NOOOOOO!! i don't want to be sick when the weekend is approaching. plus i don't want to spread the virus to Mika and hubby. perlu ke saya dikuarantinkan? sekarang kan tengah hot dengan Swine Flu ni.."Ya Allah, tolong jauhkan diri ini dan keluargaku dari sebarang penyakit. Lindungilah kami dengan seadanya..Amin ~"

Monday, May 4, 2009

inside view of our house

hi again. as promised, here are some photos of our house..sorry, tak sempat kemas lagi, mind the bersepah-sepah okay..

our bedroom
'MIKA' handmade by one of colleagues

our current lepak place, living hall upstairs
lights and fan for living hall downstairs
living hall downstairs,
decoration work still in progress..

messy kitchen
view from kitchen
lights and fan for dining hall
living hall upstairs

labour day and a weekend

What a long, tiring but a satisfying weekend :) First of all, happy labour day to all the workers out there!

Initial plan was to pick up Kak Isma (part time maid) to clean up Putra Heights but she could not make it today. Hubby was off to work (though it was Labour Day he still had to work due to his odd shift) and I planned to take Mika to Subang. As we were about to leave, I could not find my house key and had to call Umi for the spare one. Luckily Umi have it and she sent Ellie and Nana to pick me up accompanied by Aunty Zie. Haish..guess I must have left the key in the car sebab the day before hubby was at home and he opened the door for me (adakah ini tanda² yang saya memang patut kena pindah?). Mika has grown so much since the last time they saw (yer la, first time when he was a day old and now he’s 4 months ++, banyak beza tuh) and Aunty Zie, Nana and Iman were so excited to see him. Nana could not stop herself from carrying him around and Mika..he enjoyed it, of course! Any activity with movement will do. The older generation (grandma, Umi & Aunty Zie) went out first to pay my great grandpa a visit. He’s now at Columbia Asia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Shah Alam and I think he’s going to be 99 or 100 years old this year.
At 3, 6 of us (my 3 cousins, my sis, Aunty Zie and me) went to Pyramid. It has been so long since our last outing together and I enjoyed my 4 hours there, except the part when Umi called and told me about my busybody grandma. My grandma..the mood spoiler, enough said. I managed to grab a pair of jeans and one bodysuit for Mika. Then had dinner at Subang and waited for hubby to pick me up and returned to Brunsfield at 10PM

this is what i did while waiting for 'rescuer' to arrive
King Mika!
Aunty Zira-dut
with cousin Ellie
chilling out with cousins, sis and aunty Zie

Woke up around 6.30..(ever since I had Mika, no more waking up late..if ada pon, sure because dah bangun then tido balik). He’s an early riser, 5.30 – 6AM dah bangun. Then breakfast at Subang and left Mika there to pack things up at Brunsfield. Yes, we are moving and hopefully for good :) Although we took the X-trail, we still had to do 2 round of trips. Cleaned our house in Putra Heights (PH) and unpacked tiring! Hubby fixed whatever that needs to be fixed and I arranged whatever that needs to be arranged. We were done by 3 and headed off to Summit to the hardware store and also for lunch. Then we made a quick stop to Giant and get mattress for Mika and bought some household stuffs. Umi came with Zira and Ellie to drop Mika. At 10, not sure because of the weather or the room temperature but his body was quite warm so I decided to give him Paracetamol and put him beside me instead in his cot. Hubby slept in the living room to watch football so I had the bed all by myself. I even put a damp towel on his forehead to cool him off and gave him another round of medicine at 5AM

mandi with Tok Mi
sempat lagi pandang camera
this is how Mika chill bila penat baring
with uncle Joi
oops..nampak perut & birth mark
la Mika
his favourite activity
Mika's new home

Mika ngada² with his Tok Mi

Alhamdulillah, Mika was up and well. Maybe he was adjusting himself to the new house and environment. Again Kak Isma was unavailable and she had to cancel it last minute. We brought Mika to Subang and breakfast at Umi’s. Instead of 10 mins journey from Brunsfield to Subang, now it becomes 15-20mins journey. Nvm, at least Putra Heights is still part of Subang. Was happy sebab dapat mandikan Mika and put him to sleep. Hubby and I then went to Taipan again to the hardware store (hubby tak habis² pergi hardware store..hopefully he manage to DIY something) as he wanted to get other things. We went back to Putra Heights and cleaned up another round, buat apa yang patut and was quite satisfied with it. Okay lar, bit more comfortable and cleaner than before. I’ll post the photos in another entry. then dah mandi siap semua, we thought of having Ayam Penyet for late lunch and off we go to SS15. Sebab sangat rindu dengan Mika, makan cepat² and balik to Subang. Mika dah mandi and I got the chance to feed and played with him. Can’t get enough of him. Cuti 3 hari but was so busy with other things. We went back to PH at 8 and balik, tengok TV jap and by 9 plus I was off to sleep and this time with hubby beside me :P I even curi² letak Mika kat sebelah after his 2AM feeding. Don’t mind at all to be stucked in the hubby, KING size bed after this?

Mika chilling out on Sunday

Thanks to Umi, Abah, Zira, Ajoi and my dear cousin Ellie for looking after Mika these 3 days. boleh buat lagi next time :P

Now the bbsitter’s house is only 5 mins away minus the keluar rumah, tutup gate, traffic light instead of that long 20 mins..usually Mika will doze off on the way there and now tak sempat dah nak tido..kejap je dah sampai. Hopefully it will be better lar..wish us luck okay. Later..