Monday, April 13, 2009

what a weekend


what a busy weekend. hubby fetched me from office and we then picked Mika at his sitter's house. dah elok nak gerak, dia buat bisnes, so have to wait kejap but okay la sebab nak gi jalan² kan, senang sikit. dah buat bisnes, dah susu then we headed to IOI Mall. IOI Mall?? apekah?? first nak gi Pyramid but then dah lambat and it was Friday, after 5, macam nak adakah wise untuk lalu LDP pada masa itu? the answer is of course la NO..then IOI mall la kita. but we did not go to the old wing, pergi new wing instead. jalan² and dalam tak banyak kedai, i managed to buy 2 pieces of bodysuit for Mika and hubby got himself one shirt. i wanted to buy Crocs but the color i want takde kat situ. didn't get anything for myself and tiba² emo sebab tak dapat apa² tapi agak gembira sebab dapat belikan Mika baju (before that, kat office dah online shopped beli Mika's tights and day before that bought him 2 pair of clothes too! banyak nyer membazir..well, could not help it. baju² mereka sangat comel!) then dah round² we left around 7. tiba² rasa nak makan Nasi Lemak Baldi kat Pst Bandar Puchong. last time selalu beli masa duduk kat we tahpau that for dinner. thought nak tengok movie, but was so tired and masa tengok OIAM tak sedap, i fall asleep dah.


dropped Mika at Umi's then hubby and me went to check out furniture. hubby dah tengok furniture kat Cellini and he said to check out others first, untuk puas kan hati. tapi..bila u dah fall in love with the first one..i think no matter how many shops u go pon the first one the best. cuaca sangat panas and terus takde mood tengok kedai lain. went back to Subang and tunggu Mika bangun. around 12, he woke up and Abah wanted to bring us out for lunch. we decided to go to this Thai restaurant called Famous Thai @Plaza Shah Alam, Section 9. okay lar the food, ambient pon okay. Mika behaved well sebab dia dah kenyang just sometime tuh dia tak nak duduk dalam stroller, suruh orang angkat. balik Brunsfield and rested for a while before we went out again and this time to Bkt Mahkota. had tea there and stayed until 8. Mummy gave me banyak baju kurung lama² dia and surprisingly i can fit into those baju. it's either Mummy sangat kecik dulu or saya sudah besar?huhuh..nways, those baju macam retro like and some of them dah keluar balik sekarang. reached home dah malam and again plan nak tengok movie tak jadi sebab kepenatan.

with Tok Bah & Tok MiUmi with Ajoisuka jer masuk semua dalam mulut

* pics credited to Zira. more pics at FB

on the other note, Umi is back at home. discharged on Thursday and tengah recover. keluar pakai sunglass okay..hehehe..


hari ni pergi dating+furniture hunting again. woke up and bawak Mika yang tak mandi lagi ke rumah Umi. dropped dia kejap sebab he was sleepy and we were hungry. breakfast at Darus and sangat suka sebab dapat makan nasi lemak sedap. then went back to Subang, mandikan Mika and keluar balik to Midvalley. reason because, nak tengok furniture lagi. checked out Cellini there and also Lorenzo but we found that Cellini is more affordable than Lorenzo. Lorenzo sangat mahal okay! coffee table jer dekat RM2K. mahal betol. actually hubby has more interest and taste in choosing the furniture than me. he even boleh borak² with his friend about which furniture is good to buy, which one has the quality, which one is worth buy..and his taste, not bad too. infact, he even has time to surf about this and did research here n there. so i leave it to him to decide. dah pusing², beli Auntie Ann's dengan lady yang emo dan tengok replica baby blue whale (sangat teruja sampai lupa nak snap pic) and hubby said, jom pergi Parade balik. dia dah checked out the furniture there on Friday and wanted to ask my opinion. at last, we settled to the ones there. bought TV console and coffee table and items will be delivered within 3-4 weeks time. okay, that one settle. hubby fall in love with the white leather sofa, me too! next item la kot..after the TV, air-cond, washing maching & wardrobe. uhuhuh.

before balik pergi makan nasi ayam penyet @15 and i need to take my shoes i bought online from this girl too. COD at Starbucks, 15. janji 2.40pm but she was already there at 2 so just in time. balik rumah, tunggu Mika bangun and balik Brunsfield. hari yang sangat letih tapi gembira.

yummy yumm yumm..


dot said...

Nasik Lemak Baldi Merah...Saya sangat rinduuu... huhuhuh.. Dulu makan hampir setiap hari pon tak gemok.. adakah abang jual tuh tarok ubat diet kat dalam nasik? hehehe..

raF|za said...

rasa masih sama! i rasa dulu kita makan pastu kena exercise naik tangga 5 tingkat. hari² pulak tuh..and sometimes more than once naik turun. hehehe