Thursday, April 9, 2009

subang parade outing

hubby sent me to work yesterday and we picked Mika up from the sitter around 5. it was raining but we still wanted to go to Parade to check out the furniture at Cellini. we were quite frustrated as the shop is under renovation. so we headed to Dave's Deli instead and had our dinner. this place reminds me of my school days. Faz and me used to go here and we always order our favourite dish, Chicken Schnitzel (hebat tak sekolah² dah makan tempat macam ni :P). and this place was also the place where...aaaa..1st date :P 12 yrs have passed and yet the place still look the same. just this time, i came with my hubby and son. Mika as usual, tengok orang makan dia pon nak makan..nenen la tuh. so before makan, i fed him first then only he will duduk diam. hubby sangat teringin nak makan Famous Amos, so he bought cookies the black one tau..chocolate ape ntah..surprisingly, i like it too. yerla, i kan tak suka wonder susah nak turun the extra kg ni..after deliver macam suka jer chocolate. okay, entry macam ntah pape jer..ciao!

budak kecik ni pon nak makan jugak
Mika tunjuk aper tuh? sepatutnya melihat camera
okay, masa bersuka ria dah habis, sleeping time

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