Tuesday, April 21, 2009

saturday evening with E&E

Ereen & Eisha paid Mika & me a visit at Subang last Saturday. Was so happy to meet them and seeing Ereen with her cute tummy reminds me of my old days. She looks so cute and into her 8 months already. So miss the pregnant time. The most wonderful feeling ever, to feel movement in the tummy and response when the tummy being stroke and could even feel the baby response when you talk to him. Have another one? Well, not so soon kot :P

Ereen came at 3pm and she was so excited to see Mika. guess Mika was excited too that he did his business in front of Aunty Ereen :) then we talked and talked and talked and she asked me for some tips and i tried giving her as much tips and explanation as i could based from my experience. then Eisha came around 4pm and she bought a gift for Mika. took some photos and they left around 5. but..2 hours plus is not enough..so many things to tell and yet so little time. so gurls, when will the next session be? this time, we try to include Faz & Erin in too, okay?

tengok baju Mika tuh..drooling sampai basah
eksyen eh kamu baring sebelah Aunty Eisha
with hot mommy-to-be

Mika dear, what's with the face?

on the other note, my friend Masshy has safely delivered a baby girl yesterday. Masshy was my housemate and roommate back in the Uni days.
Congratulations to her & hubby. Welcome to the parenthood life :):)

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