Tuesday, April 14, 2009

morning post

Morning..it was just me & Mika last night at home as hubby is on PM shift this week and I just love being alone with him (of course being alone with hubby is a totally different feeling :P). I could cuddle him as much as I want to and give him full attention without having to divide my attention to other people. The best feeling would be when he lies down beside me and I hug him tightly while he touches my face and hair with his chubby little fingers and curious round eyes..owh..i’m in love with my son..heheheh..hubby was supposed to give me a wake up call @5.45AM but he was busy with MML (don’t know what it stands for..but it’s sort of like teleconference) and dear Mika was wide awake at 5.45AM. he gurgled, cooed, moved around stretching his arms, legs and yawn with sound effect okay to wake me up. He even stared at me and gave me a smile when I opened my eyes. My dear boy is growing up so fast day by day.

I have to leave him with Umi today as the bbsitter’s son is admitted to hospital due to asthma attack. Umi will look after him today and tomorrow and tonight, sleep over at Subang. Okay, back to work. Have a good day!


afnilogy said...

kita tag awak! ;)

raF|za said...

kita dah buat..hehehe..kita cam blur.. camne nak add comment kat blog awak.. :P