Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mika's 3 month check up

For this time check up, we went to the hospital in separate cars and met up at the hospital. left the office at 3 and arrived just on time for the 3.30PM appointment. hubby brought Mika accompanied by Zira and Zira drove her car home while we proceeded with the check up. not many patient that day and we only have to wait for few minutes before our turn except for the payment part that took us quite some time due to shortage of the admin staff (CA, pls improve your service on this ok?)

Mika's 3 month check up update:
  • he now weighs at 7.25kg..doc calls him my 6 month old patient :) but he's fine
  • kena inject..2nd DTP & Polio & Hib + Hep.B and Rotavirus 2nd vaccine (oral)..this time did not shed a tear at all! maybe peha sangat tebal sampai tak rasa kot..huhuh..doc advised to give him fever medicine as soon as we get back and Alhamdulillah, no fever
waiting for our turn..kosong kan?doc's room belakang Mika on the left side
anak mommy ni malu malu pulak :P

Conclusion, he's a little bit above average but overall progress is good. hope Mika will be a healthy boy and membesar dengan kuat dan sihat and if possible, tak nak la demam macam hari tuh..kesian you Mikhail!


haNNa said...

hi eija..semangat nye baby awak..ashraff 5 month..baru 7 kilo lebih.

raF|za said...

hi hanna! iyer??ishhh..memang berat baby Mika ni :P hugs to ur kids