Wednesday, April 22, 2009

lunch time

just came back from lunch with ros & wana. we went to old town this time. pusing² kat cyber ni end up kat situ jugak. everyday sure dalam dilemma je nak makan kat mane, makan ape. if tanya ros, dia cakap tanya wana..if tanya wana dia cakap.."U la decide.." haish..sometimes tuh rasa tak nak makan jer thinking of the same old places we gonna go (*adakah perlu diet sebab SIL bagi pants which were supposed to be my size tapi sekarang tak muat?? nak button je problem..haish..blame the pregnancy thingy..tapi sepatutnye blame diri sendiri sebab malas buat sit up!)

lunch time dah start unproductive..masa lunch akan digunakan untuk mengupdate blog (sometimes belum lunch pon dah update), memblog hopping, mengonline shopping (owh, ini setiap masa jer..), survey² apa yang patut and also time break ni sure time bergossip. conclusion is, before lunch time mesti kerja bersungguh-sungguh dan siapkan mana yang perlu sebab after lunch sure takde mood nak buat kerja. speaking of work, i need to mock file something. hope the newbie don't give me headache this time around or else TL will receive not so nice feedback from me. hey, i'm not a bad senior..i'm just doing my job. so help me to help you okay..(as if that person reads this..)

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