Wednesday, April 8, 2009


damn..i should be working instead of busy doing unproductive stuff. surfing, online shopping, blog hopping are so work unrelated! even posting an entry is a no-no while working. but i just could not help it. work is dull enough, need to spice it up. my mum is undergoing a minor surgery@Ampang Puteri at this very hour to remove something around her left eye and surgery is done by none other than my dear uncle Dato Dr Abd Jalil Jidon (his my dad's younger brother, dad is no 3 of 9..he's no 4), Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon. the surgery can actually be done in his clinic but Umi preferred to have it in the OT room so she could check in to the ward and recover at the hospital rather at home. Uncle is kind enough to let Umi stay at the single private room @Primier ward which is on him. i googled him and found brief profiles on him here and also here (this one got photo of him). see..i even have time to Google! if only he's still married to the 1st wife, then my relationship with my 3 cousins Hanna, Nadia & Farah will not be that distance. owh, if you know Raja Ema (she was very popular back in the 80's), my uncle almost married her but my grandma gave no approval on that. okay..i'm heading to no where. till then, ciao!

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