Wednesday, April 15, 2009

entry without motive

Yeay, managed to wake up @5.45AM, thanks to my “alarm clock”. Hubby did call but that time it was 6.15AM and I was already awake and in the midst of changing Mika’s diaper. Slept at Ajoi’s room but I think the air-cond was not functioning well as it was very stuffy! The temperature inside the room was 30C and I have to bring Mika down to sleep beside me under the fan (I slept on the mattress, he slept on the bed..mother always give the best for her child, huh?). This son of mine really sweats a lot and it is important to make him comfortable or else he will make all kind of noise and move here and there. Note: movements come with sound effect. That time was 2.30AM and about his feeding time hence fed him. Then at 5.30AM I heard him “talk” and he was shoving his right hand inside his mouth. I tried putting him to sleep as I need few more minutes to complete my 8 hour-ON-and-OFF-sleep but managed to catch only 5 minutes before he woke up again for his next feeding. Thank God now he only wakes up once unlike before..every 2 hrs.
Fyi, his very punctual on his feeding time. When the time comes, he will automatically up except for some cases when he overslept. It started raining at 6 and Mika was not in a mood to sleep infact he wanted to play and I sent him down to play with his grandparents while I headed to the bathroom. Entry without motive..told ya

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