Saturday, April 25, 2009


e-Filing..err..i haven't done mine! pls do so last minute work

Mika was supposed to have his 1st pneumococal shot yesterday.4th month is injection free month and so we thought why not have him take the 1st out of 4 series vaccine (1 shot=RM280 T_T , luckily covered by husband's comp) but at 10 before the appointment, his bbsitter told me that Mika is having a mild fever. we brought him to the hospital anyway for his 4th month check. no injection and doctor prescribed fever medicine for him. his temperature was not too high though but still need to monitor him. i guess he knew about the jab hence demam in advance :P on top of all he now weighs at 8.35kg (last visit a month ago was 7.5kg). PIL is coming today. what to prepare? malasnye..*sigh*

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