Thursday, April 30, 2009

an unfortunate event

Umi just told me that my brother’s laptop has been stolen from my dad’s office together with 2 more laptops. Apparently the thieves claimed that they were from the pest control company and wanted to do some inspection at the office. The door was locked from outside and one of my dad’s worker opened the door for them without screening their IDs etc. The receptionist was on leave therefore nobody really knows who they are. Read more about this at Zira’s blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

roll over & a fever

not in the mood to update. baby boo is down with fever. the babysitter said "meringankan badan" coz he can roll over now..owh he managed to roll over last Sunday. both hubby and me witnessed it. it was supposed to be a happy entry. i'll do it when i'm in the mood yer..sorry!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


e-Filing..err..i haven't done mine! pls do so last minute work

Mika was supposed to have his 1st pneumococal shot yesterday.4th month is injection free month and so we thought why not have him take the 1st out of 4 series vaccine (1 shot=RM280 T_T , luckily covered by husband's comp) but at 10 before the appointment, his bbsitter told me that Mika is having a mild fever. we brought him to the hospital anyway for his 4th month check. no injection and doctor prescribed fever medicine for him. his temperature was not too high though but still need to monitor him. i guess he knew about the jab hence demam in advance :P on top of all he now weighs at 8.35kg (last visit a month ago was 7.5kg). PIL is coming today. what to prepare? malasnye..*sigh*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

past entries

if u notice, i have posted some entries from yr '04 - '07. they were entries from my previous blog that i kept private and only some know of the existence. have to filter which entry to be publicised some are just too confidential :P

owh, sebab dulu suka sangat FRIENDS..title pon nak tiru "The One bla bla" FRIENDS kan episode title dia macam tuh..huhuhu

lunch time

just came back from lunch with ros & wana. we went to old town this time. pusing² kat cyber ni end up kat situ jugak. everyday sure dalam dilemma je nak makan kat mane, makan ape. if tanya ros, dia cakap tanya wana..if tanya wana dia cakap.."U la decide.." haish..sometimes tuh rasa tak nak makan jer thinking of the same old places we gonna go (*adakah perlu diet sebab SIL bagi pants which were supposed to be my size tapi sekarang tak muat?? nak button je problem..haish..blame the pregnancy thingy..tapi sepatutnye blame diri sendiri sebab malas buat sit up!)

lunch time dah start unproductive..masa lunch akan digunakan untuk mengupdate blog (sometimes belum lunch pon dah update), memblog hopping, mengonline shopping (owh, ini setiap masa jer..), survey² apa yang patut and also time break ni sure time bergossip. conclusion is, before lunch time mesti kerja bersungguh-sungguh dan siapkan mana yang perlu sebab after lunch sure takde mood nak buat kerja. speaking of work, i need to mock file something. hope the newbie don't give me headache this time around or else TL will receive not so nice feedback from me. hey, i'm not a bad senior..i'm just doing my job. so help me to help you okay..(as if that person reads this..)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

play time

normally sampai rumah jer akan bermain bersama Mika. yer la, berapa jam tak jumpa..time ni la Mika kena cium banyak kali, tickle2, angkat tinggi2 and time ni gaks dia akan mengada2 bila letak bawah tak nak, nak suruh orang angkat jer. nways, enjoy the pics!

belum ade mood lagi
one pose with mommy
*nak letak jugak walaupon muka ntah pape*
and one with daddy..
time ni dah start excited

just Mika

suka main macam ni..
one good exercise too for daddy
"WILD ABOUT MOMMY..grrrr..grrr"

saturday evening with E&E

Ereen & Eisha paid Mika & me a visit at Subang last Saturday. Was so happy to meet them and seeing Ereen with her cute tummy reminds me of my old days. She looks so cute and into her 8 months already. So miss the pregnant time. The most wonderful feeling ever, to feel movement in the tummy and response when the tummy being stroke and could even feel the baby response when you talk to him. Have another one? Well, not so soon kot :P

Ereen came at 3pm and she was so excited to see Mika. guess Mika was excited too that he did his business in front of Aunty Ereen :) then we talked and talked and talked and she asked me for some tips and i tried giving her as much tips and explanation as i could based from my experience. then Eisha came around 4pm and she bought a gift for Mika. took some photos and they left around 5. but..2 hours plus is not many things to tell and yet so little time. so gurls, when will the next session be? this time, we try to include Faz & Erin in too, okay?

tengok baju Mika tuh..drooling sampai basah
eksyen eh kamu baring sebelah Aunty Eisha
with hot mommy-to-be

Mika dear, what's with the face?

on the other note, my friend Masshy has safely delivered a baby girl yesterday. Masshy was my housemate and roommate back in the Uni days.
Congratulations to her & hubby. Welcome to the parenthood life :):)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mikhail at 4 months

Mikhail Haris turns 4 months today. Let see what he's capable of so far

At 4 months:
  • boleh main² and buat facial expression to him
  • loves to smile and boleh gelak² especially if kena tickle
  • suka bila mommy kiss bunyi² at his tummy & pipi
  • pandai merengek or was it mengamuk bila orang nak pakaikan baju..dia rimas tak suka orang pegang² dia or was it just with ME?
  • he still loves to play "bubble" sampai habis basah baju. pakai bib pon basah jugak. kena beli the plastic one kot
  • still suka masukkan tangan dalam mulut and other things too, toys, hankie..u name it..sebab dia dah boleh pegang
  • suka pegang botol susu although tak kuat sangat but boleh ar
  • then if tak nak minum susu dah pandai tolak keluar sendiri or buat bunyi cam tiup²
  • suka sangat tengok cartoon or any shows yang ada nyanyi² sampai boleh gelak² senyum²..jangan nangis sudah
  • bbsitter cakap dia dah boleh meniarap tapi mommy belum dapat tengok dia lagi buat so i have to see it first to believe it :P
  • don't like to be left alone as he will surely cries if he still awake..nak attention la tuh. especially when he knows his mommy is around
  • sangat suka diri..if duduk atas lap pon dia akan stretch kan both his legs nak diri..if nak masukkan dia dlm car seat pon dia nak diri padahal suruh duduk
errr..banyak lagi sebenarynya. he grows up so fast! everyday ada jer new things.

Happy 4 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..mommy & daddy love always :)

future rock star? we'll see ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

entry without motive

Yeay, managed to wake up @5.45AM, thanks to my “alarm clock”. Hubby did call but that time it was 6.15AM and I was already awake and in the midst of changing Mika’s diaper. Slept at Ajoi’s room but I think the air-cond was not functioning well as it was very stuffy! The temperature inside the room was 30C and I have to bring Mika down to sleep beside me under the fan (I slept on the mattress, he slept on the bed..mother always give the best for her child, huh?). This son of mine really sweats a lot and it is important to make him comfortable or else he will make all kind of noise and move here and there. Note: movements come with sound effect. That time was 2.30AM and about his feeding time hence fed him. Then at 5.30AM I heard him “talk” and he was shoving his right hand inside his mouth. I tried putting him to sleep as I need few more minutes to complete my 8 hour-ON-and-OFF-sleep but managed to catch only 5 minutes before he woke up again for his next feeding. Thank God now he only wakes up once unlike before..every 2 hrs.
Fyi, his very punctual on his feeding time. When the time comes, he will automatically up except for some cases when he overslept. It started raining at 6 and Mika was not in a mood to sleep infact he wanted to play and I sent him down to play with his grandparents while I headed to the bathroom. Entry without motive..told ya

Tagged by Afni

Mari membuat ini..di tag oleh Afni

Nama-nama timangan anda:
  1. Eeja – family members and close friends
  2. Fiza – Mostly colleagues & ex-colleages, orang baru kenal
  3. Fiz – only Faz calls me this..mungkin sebab nama kitaorg dekat² plus kami sangat close masa sekolah dulu..di mana ada Faz, di situ ade Fiz vice versa
  4. Fizzie – ni pon ada orang panggil masa sekolah rendah dulu
  5. Ja – di panggil oleh orang² tertentu seperti cousins saya..Ja..Kak Ja
  6. B – hubby panggil bila mahu meminta sesuatu atau nak bodek² or nak amik hati..suami saya sangat tidak pandai hal² romantic ni..huhuh
  7. Bebek – apekah??? Bebek adalah itik dan masa kitaorang gi Bali honeymoon dulu dia suka sangat panggil saya Bebek (kengkonon comel la) sampai la skrg ni..siannye di panggil bebek :P
  8. Rafiza – ada jer orang panggil saya dengan nama penuh dan formal begini
  9. Lastly, dlm family kitaorg ni cam pelik..suka panggil semua² “Dut”..hahaha..short form untuk badut..don’t ask me why kerana sudah menjadi kebiasaan dan akan kekal ke anak cucu
Anda seorang yang:
  1. Perfectionist – if buat satu benda mesti make sure benda tuh perfect..senget² ke tak boleh..mesti nak cantik..tapi bile dah xde mood tuh mmg malas nak amik kisah
  2. If saya nak, saya make sure saya dapat. If nak hari ni, hari ni akan cari way untuk mendapatkan hook or by crook
  3. Fickle minded – what to do..i'm a Libran..if nak decide something cam susah, selalu kena mintak advise orang..if tak, tak terdecide la namanya pastu suka je tukar² decision. If nak mintak opinion saya, sorry wrong person..end up saya akan tanya awak balik..eheheh
  4. Boleh la dikatakan fast learner (bos cakap bukan saya okay..)
  5. Sangat alert of something and tak mudah lupa..semua benda pon saya ingat..dr zaman kanak² sampai la skrg. if orang tuh buat something bad kat saya, i'll remember it too till the day I die..
  6. tapi..on the other hand, saya tak suka revenge, tak mudah marah and forgiving. cuma senang marah kat hubby jer..pelik..kesian dia..selalu je kena marah tak pasal²
  7. Friendly – agak lar..depends on the feedback
  8. Optimistic – selalu memikirkan solution if ada problem rather than thinking about the problem
  9. Kurang suka memasak, kurang suka gosok baju dan benda² yang leceh
  10. Addicted to online shopping
  11. Addicted to Mika..hahahah
Aaaa..banyak lagi actually..if u really know me well, then you don’t need to read all these, betul tak? :P

Insan Teristimewa ?? Describekan Dia Terlalu Istimewa Dimata Anda:
  1. Parents – for taking care of me till now, provide me with almost everything, showering me with never ending love and of course, help out here n u two so much
  2. Husband – semuanya istimewa, tidak perlu di elaboratekan di sini..nanti muntah darah pulak
  3. My son – the most beautiful thing that I've ever had. having you means the world to me. My heartbeat and of course my 2nd love..after your daddy lar
  4. My siblings – mestila istimewa dey all one n only bro n sis
  5. My family – we all sangat suka gathering² semua orang pon istimewa dan dut² juga
  6. My gurls – words cannot describe how important you gurls to matter how far the distance is, then jarang jumpa semua but when we are together, we know that we were meant for each other..we know each other so well and selau jer cam tau² what's on each other's mind especially Ereen yang always sms bila I'm bout to sms her or the other way round. i love u all!
Lagu kesukaan anda:
More than words (no 1 song and 1st song played by hubby)

Makanan kesukaan anda:
paling suka Umi's daging masak kicap, tapi makanan kesukaan banyak..semua pon suka jer :P

Warna kesukaan anda:
I love lavender, pinkish color and since ada baby boy..i love baby blue too. Also I love striking colors..ehehe..colourful lagi bagus

Tiga benda yang mesti ada dalam beg anda:
Purse, pen, kunci rumah (takde kunci rumah meaning tak boleh lar masuk rumah, nanti kena panggil locksmith bukak pintu macam hari tuh T.T)

Kali terakhir masa anda menangis dan kenapa :
Hari sabtu lepas..hubby tak cakap thanks sebab masakkan dia bfast (masih patut cakap thanks ok walaupon masak maggi jer..), pastu comment this n that then dia cakap dia main² jer and he said I was being sensitive..amik kau..nangis emo² la, saya seorang yang tak suka nangis unless saya sangat marah and geram gile². tapi lepas tuh okay la balik..hubby pujuk..ehehe..Mika ni dia boleh gelak² senyum bila Mommy dia nangis..hadoi..lucu ke muka saya bila nangis? hehehe

Saya nak tag...
errr..takper la..nak buat buat la eh

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

morning post was just me & Mika last night at home as hubby is on PM shift this week and I just love being alone with him (of course being alone with hubby is a totally different feeling :P). I could cuddle him as much as I want to and give him full attention without having to divide my attention to other people. The best feeling would be when he lies down beside me and I hug him tightly while he touches my face and hair with his chubby little fingers and curious round eyes..owh..i’m in love with my son..heheheh..hubby was supposed to give me a wake up call @5.45AM but he was busy with MML (don’t know what it stands for..but it’s sort of like teleconference) and dear Mika was wide awake at 5.45AM. he gurgled, cooed, moved around stretching his arms, legs and yawn with sound effect okay to wake me up. He even stared at me and gave me a smile when I opened my eyes. My dear boy is growing up so fast day by day.

I have to leave him with Umi today as the bbsitter’s son is admitted to hospital due to asthma attack. Umi will look after him today and tomorrow and tonight, sleep over at Subang. Okay, back to work. Have a good day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

what a weekend


what a busy weekend. hubby fetched me from office and we then picked Mika at his sitter's house. dah elok nak gerak, dia buat bisnes, so have to wait kejap but okay la sebab nak gi jalan² kan, senang sikit. dah buat bisnes, dah susu then we headed to IOI Mall. IOI Mall?? apekah?? first nak gi Pyramid but then dah lambat and it was Friday, after 5, macam nak adakah wise untuk lalu LDP pada masa itu? the answer is of course la NO..then IOI mall la kita. but we did not go to the old wing, pergi new wing instead. jalan² and dalam tak banyak kedai, i managed to buy 2 pieces of bodysuit for Mika and hubby got himself one shirt. i wanted to buy Crocs but the color i want takde kat situ. didn't get anything for myself and tiba² emo sebab tak dapat apa² tapi agak gembira sebab dapat belikan Mika baju (before that, kat office dah online shopped beli Mika's tights and day before that bought him 2 pair of clothes too! banyak nyer membazir..well, could not help it. baju² mereka sangat comel!) then dah round² we left around 7. tiba² rasa nak makan Nasi Lemak Baldi kat Pst Bandar Puchong. last time selalu beli masa duduk kat we tahpau that for dinner. thought nak tengok movie, but was so tired and masa tengok OIAM tak sedap, i fall asleep dah.


dropped Mika at Umi's then hubby and me went to check out furniture. hubby dah tengok furniture kat Cellini and he said to check out others first, untuk puas kan hati. tapi..bila u dah fall in love with the first one..i think no matter how many shops u go pon the first one the best. cuaca sangat panas and terus takde mood tengok kedai lain. went back to Subang and tunggu Mika bangun. around 12, he woke up and Abah wanted to bring us out for lunch. we decided to go to this Thai restaurant called Famous Thai @Plaza Shah Alam, Section 9. okay lar the food, ambient pon okay. Mika behaved well sebab dia dah kenyang just sometime tuh dia tak nak duduk dalam stroller, suruh orang angkat. balik Brunsfield and rested for a while before we went out again and this time to Bkt Mahkota. had tea there and stayed until 8. Mummy gave me banyak baju kurung lama² dia and surprisingly i can fit into those baju. it's either Mummy sangat kecik dulu or saya sudah besar?huhuh..nways, those baju macam retro like and some of them dah keluar balik sekarang. reached home dah malam and again plan nak tengok movie tak jadi sebab kepenatan.

with Tok Bah & Tok MiUmi with Ajoisuka jer masuk semua dalam mulut

* pics credited to Zira. more pics at FB

on the other note, Umi is back at home. discharged on Thursday and tengah recover. keluar pakai sunglass okay..hehehe..


hari ni pergi dating+furniture hunting again. woke up and bawak Mika yang tak mandi lagi ke rumah Umi. dropped dia kejap sebab he was sleepy and we were hungry. breakfast at Darus and sangat suka sebab dapat makan nasi lemak sedap. then went back to Subang, mandikan Mika and keluar balik to Midvalley. reason because, nak tengok furniture lagi. checked out Cellini there and also Lorenzo but we found that Cellini is more affordable than Lorenzo. Lorenzo sangat mahal okay! coffee table jer dekat RM2K. mahal betol. actually hubby has more interest and taste in choosing the furniture than me. he even boleh borak² with his friend about which furniture is good to buy, which one has the quality, which one is worth buy..and his taste, not bad too. infact, he even has time to surf about this and did research here n there. so i leave it to him to decide. dah pusing², beli Auntie Ann's dengan lady yang emo dan tengok replica baby blue whale (sangat teruja sampai lupa nak snap pic) and hubby said, jom pergi Parade balik. dia dah checked out the furniture there on Friday and wanted to ask my opinion. at last, we settled to the ones there. bought TV console and coffee table and items will be delivered within 3-4 weeks time. okay, that one settle. hubby fall in love with the white leather sofa, me too! next item la kot..after the TV, air-cond, washing maching & wardrobe. uhuhuh.

before balik pergi makan nasi ayam penyet @15 and i need to take my shoes i bought online from this girl too. COD at Starbucks, 15. janji 2.40pm but she was already there at 2 so just in time. balik rumah, tunggu Mika bangun and balik Brunsfield. hari yang sangat letih tapi gembira.

yummy yumm yumm..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

subang parade outing

hubby sent me to work yesterday and we picked Mika up from the sitter around 5. it was raining but we still wanted to go to Parade to check out the furniture at Cellini. we were quite frustrated as the shop is under renovation. so we headed to Dave's Deli instead and had our dinner. this place reminds me of my school days. Faz and me used to go here and we always order our favourite dish, Chicken Schnitzel (hebat tak sekolah² dah makan tempat macam ni :P). and this place was also the place where...aaaa..1st date :P 12 yrs have passed and yet the place still look the same. just this time, i came with my hubby and son. Mika as usual, tengok orang makan dia pon nak makan..nenen la tuh. so before makan, i fed him first then only he will duduk diam. hubby sangat teringin nak makan Famous Amos, so he bought cookies the black one tau..chocolate ape ntah..surprisingly, i like it too. yerla, i kan tak suka wonder susah nak turun the extra kg ni..after deliver macam suka jer chocolate. okay, entry macam ntah pape jer..ciao!

budak kecik ni pon nak makan jugak
Mika tunjuk aper tuh? sepatutnya melihat camera
okay, masa bersuka ria dah habis, sleeping time

a walk in the park

last Monday, bawak Mika jalan² dekat taman kat bawah apartment. saje je bagi fresh air. as usual, i brought the camera along. here are some pics of him & me & daddy :) owh, i wanted to use Photoshop but at office takde, so stitch the photos guna paint jer..(tuh pon nak bagitau ke??)
top-bottom: Mika tak suka kena buckle up dalam stroller, Mika buat muka pelik on his daddy's lap, Mika buat muka like "Whatever", Mika with Mommy, Mika buat muka garang
kenapa Mika begitu? lucu lar

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


damn..i should be working instead of busy doing unproductive stuff. surfing, online shopping, blog hopping are so work unrelated! even posting an entry is a no-no while working. but i just could not help it. work is dull enough, need to spice it up. my mum is undergoing a minor surgery@Ampang Puteri at this very hour to remove something around her left eye and surgery is done by none other than my dear uncle Dato Dr Abd Jalil Jidon (his my dad's younger brother, dad is no 3 of 9..he's no 4), Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon. the surgery can actually be done in his clinic but Umi preferred to have it in the OT room so she could check in to the ward and recover at the hospital rather at home. Uncle is kind enough to let Umi stay at the single private room @Primier ward which is on him. i googled him and found brief profiles on him here and also here (this one got photo of him). see..i even have time to Google! if only he's still married to the 1st wife, then my relationship with my 3 cousins Hanna, Nadia & Farah will not be that distance. owh, if you know Raja Ema (she was very popular back in the 80's), my uncle almost married her but my grandma gave no approval on that. okay..i'm heading to no where. till then, ciao!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

July 22nd 2009 another Tsunami??

I received this email just now and not really sure the credibility of the content. well, sharing is harm rite?

"Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mika's 3 month check up

For this time check up, we went to the hospital in separate cars and met up at the hospital. left the office at 3 and arrived just on time for the 3.30PM appointment. hubby brought Mika accompanied by Zira and Zira drove her car home while we proceeded with the check up. not many patient that day and we only have to wait for few minutes before our turn except for the payment part that took us quite some time due to shortage of the admin staff (CA, pls improve your service on this ok?)

Mika's 3 month check up update:
  • he now weighs at 7.25kg..doc calls him my 6 month old patient :) but he's fine
  • kena inject..2nd DTP & Polio & Hib + Hep.B and Rotavirus 2nd vaccine (oral)..this time did not shed a tear at all! maybe peha sangat tebal sampai tak rasa kot..huhuh..doc advised to give him fever medicine as soon as we get back and Alhamdulillah, no fever
waiting for our turn..kosong kan?doc's room belakang Mika on the left side
anak mommy ni malu malu pulak :P

Conclusion, he's a little bit above average but overall progress is good. hope Mika will be a healthy boy and membesar dengan kuat dan sihat and if possible, tak nak la demam macam hari tuh..kesian you Mikhail!

Friday, April 3, 2009

lazy saturday

went to Parade with sis today. i bought some stuffs for myself and also for Mika. managed to get 3 pieces of clothes for him just for RM50! sis was extra happy as the cupcakes she loves called A Taste Boutique which can only be found at Putra Heights previously can now be found at the Sunday Market every weekend. the seller also told us that there's another kiosk opening at Sunway Pyramid. try lar the cuppies, delicious.

then collected the stuffs i bought online. COD was just @ss 17 itself! so easy. sis asked my help to collect the stuff she bought online at KFC, 15 as she wanted to watch F1 and could not meet the person herself. so instead of driving there and troubling myself to find a parking space, i asked my dear bro to drive. owh, hubby is working this weekend that's why i have all the weekend by myself. planned to go back before Maghrib but Umi cooked my favourite Ikan Masak Kicap and so dinner first lar..then again it rained after Maghrib and only managed to leave at 8.30PM. i took some photos of Mika enjoying his cartoon while sitting on his comfy 'chair'. next time i'll try to upload some videos. enjoy!

pose ala2 comel eh Mika?
tengok TV in progress..macam orang besar tak?
check out the hands

gelak-gelak mode..macam paham jer
okay, baru perasan Mommy tengah amik pic

online shopping

help!! saya sangat busy sampai takde masa nak memblog. but today..i was busy surfing for Mika's clothes..heheheh..kalau TL tahu sure cakap "Eh budak ni..bukan ke aku baru bagi dia banyak kerja ke..ada masa nak beronline shopping pulak.." well..he wouldn't say that lar sbb TL speaking jer..i was trying to put in my own way..okay..sudah lari tajuk..back to the baju baby..baju baby pon boleh shop online. how convenient is that! found some (dan semua pon rasa nak beli sampai hubby remind.."oits..dah dah la tuh..") which are okay, cantik, original, branded and paling penting..CHEAP!! mana tak geram tengok price dalam belas²..paling mahal pon RM25 okay..tak lebih dari itu..tapi nak beli baby wear kena beli besar² so dia boleh pakai lama² but for Mika's case..dia sangat local brand for 6-12mths muat² jer..i bet he can only wear that kejap if possible, i'm trying to find those brand from UK/US sebab besar sikit..( pon nak pakai branded²..bukan main eh Mika :P) and i just remember i haven't post an entry of Mika punya recent checkup..will do next time with pics okay..tak suka la blog takde pic..rasa incomplete. okay peeps, later yer!