Wednesday, March 4, 2009

move out, move in and move out

last week was a very busy week. we started to shift on monday and was officially out by friday. the lorry came and transferred our bulky things on tuesday and left out only the small items that can fit in our cars. so on tuesday, wednesday and thursday night, we slept at hall in front of the TV and honestly, those were the best nights ever. should have done it way earlier. on thursday, we decided to bring Mika to Ikea and he loved it so much. how do i know..cause he was not being cranky and just sat quietly in his stroller except when he was hungry lar :P i bumped into my ex roommate, Dora at the restaurant and she brought her lovely daughter, Ema too. both our children were born in the same year and boy, it was fun to bump to a friend that is also a Mommy :):) we try to expose Mika as much as we can to the real world but limit to 2 times a week with hope that he will not be culture shock later. so far so good but cannot bring him for outing too often cause when he's out, his eyes are filled with so much of curiosity that he fails to rest and sleep
feeding & changing diaper session
we left for putra heights on friday and got the Astro and phone installed on friday too. friday night, went to IOI mall and dinner at Wendy's. zira tagged along and when we are back at PH, it was damn quiet! our front, back and left neighbours are not in yet and it was freaking quiet and dark. we are so used to stay in Brunsfield with the traffic and sound of people hacking, talking, running at the corridor, moving things upstairs and now at PH, there are only 3 of us in that big house. anyway, despite the lonely feeling, we still had a good night sleep.

usually in the morning, Mika will be the first to rise and he will makes all sort of sound indicating either his hungry or just want to be heard but at PH, he was a bit quiet. well he did make sound, but not as active as at Brunsfield. i guess he misses Brunsfield too :P another thing, the phone is not working yet (cakap in 24 hrs can use, takde pon!) hence no internet too. so boring family came and we went out for dinner around the area and after they have gone home, hubby and me watched Slumdog Millionaire. okay lar the movie..
last pose we thought
unpack & arranging
dinner at Wendy's
daddy feeds, mommy bathes
Sunday, went to Bkt Mahkota and had lunch there. on the way back dropped by at Dengkil R&R and bought satay Hj Samuri. reached PH around 4 and watched another movie. then after Maghrib we had this crazy idea of going back to Brunsfield and guess what..we really did go back to Brunsfield! packed our things as fast as we could, bringing the necessary items and by 9, we already at Brunsfield and home sweet home :P so happy to be back. we are definitely going to move just not now. maybe in a month or two and in the mean time, we need to install the alarm system, change the gate to auto gate and furnish the house properly before we move in back so that it will be our next home sweet home
on the way back from Bkt Mahkota

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