Friday, April 3, 2009

lazy saturday

went to Parade with sis today. i bought some stuffs for myself and also for Mika. managed to get 3 pieces of clothes for him just for RM50! sis was extra happy as the cupcakes she loves called A Taste Boutique which can only be found at Putra Heights previously can now be found at the Sunday Market every weekend. the seller also told us that there's another kiosk opening at Sunway Pyramid. try lar the cuppies, delicious.

then collected the stuffs i bought online. COD was just @ss 17 itself! so easy. sis asked my help to collect the stuff she bought online at KFC, 15 as she wanted to watch F1 and could not meet the person herself. so instead of driving there and troubling myself to find a parking space, i asked my dear bro to drive. owh, hubby is working this weekend that's why i have all the weekend by myself. planned to go back before Maghrib but Umi cooked my favourite Ikan Masak Kicap and so dinner first lar..then again it rained after Maghrib and only managed to leave at 8.30PM. i took some photos of Mika enjoying his cartoon while sitting on his comfy 'chair'. next time i'll try to upload some videos. enjoy!

pose ala2 comel eh Mika?
tengok TV in progress..macam orang besar tak?
check out the hands

gelak-gelak mode..macam paham jer
okay, baru perasan Mommy tengah amik pic

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