Tuesday, March 10, 2009

last 2 days

yesterday was a public holiday but no difference for me as I'm still on leave..lama kan?? enjoying my remaining 2 days of leave before i start work on wednesday. although it was a public holiday, i still sent Mika to the sitter coz hubby and me had other things to do such as tengok movie :P dropped Mika around 9, then breakfast at Taipan and we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button around 12. two thumbs up! best and sangat sedih! even uncle dok sebelah pon kesat-kesat mata..hahahah..especially scenes ada mother and son. so touching. i don't know why if ada scene macam tuh saya cepat terasa..and emo pon agak lebih. bila dah jadi mommy then only i understand how the feeling is..sangat feeling..huhu..and of course, best sebab ada brad pitt gaks..but dah tak sehensem mcm dulu2 laa..nampak dia aging dah..the movie i watched yang dia handsome sangat was Meet Joe Black sampai tak boleh kira tengok berapa kali.

then went to our house to collect some stuffs and picked up Mika. singgah Brunsfield japs to pack Mika's bag and headed to Ikano. had dinner there and left around 7. by the time balik, it started to rain and felt like cuddling Mika so he sat behind with me until he felt asleep (yes, it's illegal but dah malam and hujan..so who cares!huhuhuh) kesian Mika..outing sampai tak tido then sampai rumah dah malam takkan nak mandikan dia malam2 so lap2 sikit and dia sangat gembira..gelak2 sume sebab kena lap..geli kot..after this a bit impossible la nak keluar weekdays sebab dah kerja balik. back to reality, Eeja!

pandai tak Mika pose?


nazira aziz said...

sejak bila pandai pandang camera nehh!

The Tatie said...

abes la..
mika da dapat gene suke amek gambar macam kita semua..
welcome to the dutz family mika!!

raF|za said...

heheh..dia mmg dapat gene kta sbb daddy dia x reti sgt pose dpn camera..selalu gambar menjadi lucu bile daddy dia pose.well..like mommy like son and like his aunts too :P