Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday afternoon's entry

it's friday and it's lunch time..and surprisingly i've decided not to go out for lunch. my lunch buddies are off to Jusco and i'm just too lazy to tag along and prefer to stay in this time. watched American Idol yesterday and my top 5 are: Triple AAs (Adam, Alexis & Allison), Matt and Danny (in no particular order). Although Adam is **y, I so like his style and voice. Owh, on unrelated issue, don't u think Cristiano Ronaldo is super duper cute? does this mean i have to support Man Utd now? he could be my new Sheva & Totti. watched Totti last 2 nites (Roma vs Arsenal)..he's not young anymore..aaaa..what's with me with young boys eh? if hubby baca sure dia ckp.."orang bods"..huhuhuh

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