Thursday, March 12, 2009

back to work

the tol price from Putra Heights to Cyberjaya is no longer RM1.70. it's RM2.70 now..yikeess! on the bright side, no traffic jam, it's a highway, only takes bout 15-20mins to reach office and cheaper than LDP too. so okay lar..still tolerable.

started work already yesterday and had to make detours on the way to office and on the way home. normally i leave house at 8AM but now 1/2 an hour earlier. i even need to wake up 1/2 an hour earlier which is around 6.30AM. hubby will feed him before he goes to work at 6.30AM and that gives me more time to sleep and wakes up just before he leaves for work.
my daily routine: around 7.20AM, put Mika in the stroller and headed down to car park, transfer him from stroller to car seat, fold the stroller and off we go to Putra Heights which takes around 15-20mins drive, depends on the traffic. so there, an exercise for me every morning and same goes for the evening. next 2 weeks will be a different routine as hubby will be on PM shift and my mom wants to take care of Mika for that 2 weeks. i might be spending the nights in Subang during hubby work days for the next 2 weeks. after that, maybe we will be in Shah Alam for one more month before we move back to Putra Heights. see how it goes.

felt like a new person yesterday. mixed feelings to be back at the office. everything is still the same except for some new faces and stories. went out for lunch with the team to celebrate TL's birthday and dear team members are kind enough to give Mika present. a handmade sign with Mika's name and a baby gym. cool! thank you Asia A :)

there are some things on my mind that i wish not to write here..well not now. let it be a mystery..heheh..ta for now ;)

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