Friday, March 6, 2009


started to send Mika to the babysitter on Monday. hubby was off to work and so it was just me and him in the car. he sat quietly in his carrier with his eyes sort of like begging me not to send him there (sorry sayang, mommy got no choice). the moment i handed him over to Kak A (the bbsitter), this sudden sad feeling overcame me and had to keep telling myself that everything will be ok. it's not easy to let go of your child to a stranger and have the stranger to bathe, feed, put him to sleep with her own way which is absolutely different from mine. can she entertains Mika the same way like i do, does she knows what to do if he cries, does she feeds him properly..all sort of questions came across my mind and i sometimes feel it's better for me to stay home and take care of him. as much as i love to be with him 24 hrs, i still need some time on my own and am not really a stay home type either. on the first day, i called Kak A every 2 hours to check on him and Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

after sending Mika, went to my house to do some laundry, packed things to bring back to Brunsfield and i even helped myself with the satay leftover for breakfast. then went to Subang to pick up Umi as she wanted to help me re-arrange the apartment. we moved some things with the bed from 2nd room to the master bedroom and arranged the clothes neatly in the wardrobe. luckily Umi still has one bedroom set, fridge and stove and we opted not to take out the air-conds and water heater hence the place is still live-able (ada ke word ni..hentam saje lar). in an instance, the place is clean and neatly organised (fyi, my mum memang seorang yang rajin mengemas rumah berbeza sekali dengan saya yang hanya mengemas bila orang nak datang :P) our next plan was to PH again and this time i collected stuffs that i forgot to bring the first round. then sent Umi back to Subang and drove back to Brunsfield. that time it was almost 3.30PM and looked it's going to rain anytime soon so i got ready and went to pick up Mika and again back to PH. berpusing²!

sampai kat rumah Kak A, Mika tengah tido and another baby, Umar which is 2 months older than Mika was in another cot. that baby sangat lar active and susah nak sleep. he kept rattling his toys and even threw his pacifier here and there to get attention. but sangat comel! Kak A said..if Mika buat bunyi jer, Umar akan automatically respond..nak main la kot..alahai..mesti comel tengok 2 orang tengok Mika tido and the way she treated him..i felt at ease and sangat bersyukur dapat dia. memang macam kat rumah. Mika suka tengok tv, then they (Kak A & her mum) suka golek² kan the babies depan tv too. Pakcik (Kak A's dad) is okay too and so does her sister. with that, i don't really feel guilty of leaving my baby there. plus the place is so convenient. if i come back from work early, i can do some cleaning or cook first than only pick him up but that one later lar bila dah pindah balik to PH. for these 2 weeks, is a trial version then another 2 weeks Umi will take care of him and start to send him back in April. InsyaAllah, ok kot..

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