Friday, March 27, 2009

entry wat²

today balik Brunsfield. i don't know whether i'm excited or the other way round. used to live @subang which i find so comfortable. senang nak keluar, senang nak makan..nak apa² jer senang dapat. what do u expect kan? dah duduk situ 21 tahun mesti lar dah biasa..sebab itu bila duduk kat putra heights yang sunyi dan rumah agak incomplete saya lari balik ke shah alam. ikutkan nak lari balik ke subang jer tapi takkan nak live with parents weyhh..i'm a city girl..what to do..walaupon Putra Heights tuh pon city tapi city yang masih belum berkembang dengan pesat macam Subang & USJ. leaving office early today..Mika ada check up..nak kena jab budak kecik tuh..hopefully tak demam lar ye sayang. owh another thing, i bought this jeans..sangat happy kerana boleh muat size 2! tapi kalau kurus lagi sikit mesti lagi apa lagi out la babe!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mikhail at 3 months

Feel like just yesterday I posted the 2-months-old entry..and now he's 3- months-old already..cepatnyaa..let see his progress so far..

At 3 months:
  • he's vision is very clear now and able to focus especially muka mommy & daddy dia
  • he recognizes his mommy and daddy voice and terlebih excited kalau terdengar
  • he still loves to play with his "bubble"
  • he is able to smile, infact the first thing he does when he wakes up is SMILE
  • he loves to play with his hands and the best part is to shove it all in his mouth until the sound of "uwwwweeekkk..." anakku oh anakku
  • he's learning on how to grasp things
  • he loves the baby gym so much sampai geram jerit² bila toys tuh tak boleh berhenti gerak and dia letih dah tolak² and tengok²
  • sangat suka tengok TV especially American Idol or show ada orang nyanyi..(AF pon termasuk juga..huhuhu), cartoons dan segala cerita yang colourful gambarnya (en hubby, we need to subsribe cartoon network lar like this..)
  • suka orang cakap² dengan dia and dia jawab balik sometimes dia yang cakap dulu..sangat sesuai if duduk dengan nenek saya..tak berhenti bercakap la kamu Mikhail
  • bila orang tak layan dia, akan minta untuk di layan seperti menolak² bum-bum dengan kaki nya dan berbunyi ala² manja
  • owh, tidak perlu memakai mittens dah..booties/socks pon masa nak sleep jer..hati dia sangat gembira bila dapat rasa kaki dan tangan dia
  • dah pandai merengek bila nak make up² dia after bath..rimas eh?
  • boleh mengiringkan badan dan kepala tapi bum-bum belum lagi..berat agaknya
  • cakap pasal berat, dia sudah 7.2kg masa check kat hospital dat day! pampers pon no more S M :):)
just had my bath
now watching tv
4 days before he turns 3 months, he was down with fever and the day he turns 3 months, Alhamdulillah..he's back to normal. is that what they say alih bulan? coz of that the monthly hospital visit is pending as per doctor advise. bagi dia recover dulu then only inject..hopefully tak demam balik la ye sayang..okay peeps..will update the entry with pics later. u can check 'em again tomorrow, InsyaAllah.

Happy 3 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..mommy & daddy love always :)
psstt..check out the middle photo on the 2nd row..mommy bully me :(:(

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my baby boo is sick


Mika was down with fever followed by sore throat & ulcers in his mouth. poor started on Monday evening. came back from work and he was already unwell and sort of like groaning and not as active as always. thought he was being cranky and will be like himself in minutes but nope..he was still the same when i put him to sleep. That worried me so much that I asked hubby to drop by before he goes off to work (staying at Umi’s as hubby is on PM shift this week and next plus Umi volunteered to bbsit him for these 2 weeks). Took his temperature and though it was not that high but his body was slightly warm and decided to take him to the nearest clinic. The lady doctor was not helpful at all! We were greeted by an unfriendly tone of her and she was so cold towards us. The way she checked Mika..pressing his tummy in a very rough way and asking me questions with that very ignorant face..I SO HATE HER!! Then after few minutes, she jumped into a conclusion that our son has twisted intestine and needed to be referred to hospital..WTF?! (excuse the language pls) she even charged us RM15 for nothing..@#$%^%#$% doctor! Panic..we brought him to Columbia Asia and luckily his usual Paed was still in the clinic. When she saw what stated in the referral letter, she got so shock and she said it could not be that. Despite the “so-called-twisted intestine” Mika was still able to smile and play and if it is true, he will not be able to do all that and will be in a curl up position, his tummy will be tense and he will turn white or even vomit but none of the symptoms seems to show. Checked his temperature, and that time it was already 37.8C and doctor said he got sore throat too. Just to be on the safe side, blood test was done and everything seems to be in the right place. Paracetamol & antibiotic were prescribed and doctor asked me to monitor him every 4 hours. Should the temperature shoot up above 38.5C, the other medicine needs to be given, can’t remember the name but that medicine has to be inserted into his tush...ouccchh??! Luckily the temperature stayed below 38C the whole night.

taken on Monday

Took the day off and he was so cranky the whole day. He cried and there was one time where we had to syringe feed him as he refused to drink from the bottle. I just wish I know the right way to soothe him and know what he wants. The pacifier was not helpful enough as he kept throwing it out whenever we tried to put it in. That was the first time he got sick and though I was clueless and felt hopeless not to be able to comfort him, no way I’m going to let other people take care of him. thanks to my MIL for the offer but naaa…I prefer him to stay with me and I believe he needs his mommy too. Even Umi helped out upon request. Most of the time it was me who did these and that for him (that's what Mommy for right?). The hardest part was to give him medicine as he will spit out and cry at the same time..sigh..tiring but definitely a new experience.


I had to go to work and with a heavy heart, had to leave him with Umi plus it was hubby’s off day. The fever had subsided but he still cried and wanted to be cuddled. Feeling worried and felt like we need 3rd opinion, we brought him to this Klinik Kanak-kanak Gan located @ss15. the doctor was very helpful and gave detailed explaination about Mika’s condition. According to him, he got ulcers in his mouth and it was at the peak state. That was the reason why he refused to drink and cried all the time. On the +ve side, he was about to get better and will be back to himself in 2-3 days time. He said no special medicine to cure this only paracetamol to relieve his pain and lots of love and affection to Mika. After seeing the super doc (read more bout it here), everything seemed so clear and we were like… “ wonder he was like wonder he was like that..” and so that night both hubby and me took care of him with hubby took the main shift so I could have enough rest to go to work the next day.

Today, Mika is almost back to himself, Alhamdulillah. Went to work early so I can leave by 4pm to spend more time with him. I so miss his smile and his cute little laugh and “talk” when he was sick. He’s not that cranky anymore but instead of his usual 3.5 oz, his appetite is only for 2 oz. hubby is still off today and has the whole day to take care of him under Umi’s supervision. Phewww…definitely a new experience for us and told ya..having a baby is not an easy stuff. Committment, time, patience are important requirements to be good (we are still learning on how to be good parents) parents. You will get frustrated for not being able to fulfill their needs and you (definitely the mommy..not sure if daddy experience this :P) may end up crying with them when the time gets really tough but never give up..there's always a solution (chewah..speak for yourself, Eeja). I did google a lot for things that I am not clear of and yes, there are zillions of sites that I found out are very useful and I know that I am not the only mom who's having difficult time in raising up the child. Whatever it is, we are grateful that he’s getting better and would like to thank those involved whether directly or indirectly in helping to take care of him.

Friday, March 13, 2009

i love you baby

Mika says "Hello everyone!"

I just love this look at it can take all the pain you Mikhail Haris!

Friday afternoon's entry

it's friday and it's lunch time..and surprisingly i've decided not to go out for lunch. my lunch buddies are off to Jusco and i'm just too lazy to tag along and prefer to stay in this time. watched American Idol yesterday and my top 5 are: Triple AAs (Adam, Alexis & Allison), Matt and Danny (in no particular order). Although Adam is **y, I so like his style and voice. Owh, on unrelated issue, don't u think Cristiano Ronaldo is super duper cute? does this mean i have to support Man Utd now? he could be my new Sheva & Totti. watched Totti last 2 nites (Roma vs Arsenal)..he's not young anymore..aaaa..what's with me with young boys eh? if hubby baca sure dia ckp.."orang bods"..huhuhuh

Thursday, March 12, 2009

back to work

the tol price from Putra Heights to Cyberjaya is no longer RM1.70. it's RM2.70 now..yikeess! on the bright side, no traffic jam, it's a highway, only takes bout 15-20mins to reach office and cheaper than LDP too. so okay lar..still tolerable.

started work already yesterday and had to make detours on the way to office and on the way home. normally i leave house at 8AM but now 1/2 an hour earlier. i even need to wake up 1/2 an hour earlier which is around 6.30AM. hubby will feed him before he goes to work at 6.30AM and that gives me more time to sleep and wakes up just before he leaves for work.
my daily routine: around 7.20AM, put Mika in the stroller and headed down to car park, transfer him from stroller to car seat, fold the stroller and off we go to Putra Heights which takes around 15-20mins drive, depends on the traffic. so there, an exercise for me every morning and same goes for the evening. next 2 weeks will be a different routine as hubby will be on PM shift and my mom wants to take care of Mika for that 2 weeks. i might be spending the nights in Subang during hubby work days for the next 2 weeks. after that, maybe we will be in Shah Alam for one more month before we move back to Putra Heights. see how it goes.

felt like a new person yesterday. mixed feelings to be back at the office. everything is still the same except for some new faces and stories. went out for lunch with the team to celebrate TL's birthday and dear team members are kind enough to give Mika present. a handmade sign with Mika's name and a baby gym. cool! thank you Asia A :)

there are some things on my mind that i wish not to write here..well not now. let it be a mystery..heheh..ta for now ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

last 2 days

yesterday was a public holiday but no difference for me as I'm still on leave..lama kan?? enjoying my remaining 2 days of leave before i start work on wednesday. although it was a public holiday, i still sent Mika to the sitter coz hubby and me had other things to do such as tengok movie :P dropped Mika around 9, then breakfast at Taipan and we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button around 12. two thumbs up! best and sangat sedih! even uncle dok sebelah pon kesat-kesat mata..hahahah..especially scenes ada mother and son. so touching. i don't know why if ada scene macam tuh saya cepat terasa..and emo pon agak lebih. bila dah jadi mommy then only i understand how the feeling is..sangat feeling..huhu..and of course, best sebab ada brad pitt gaks..but dah tak sehensem mcm dulu2 laa..nampak dia aging dah..the movie i watched yang dia handsome sangat was Meet Joe Black sampai tak boleh kira tengok berapa kali.

then went to our house to collect some stuffs and picked up Mika. singgah Brunsfield japs to pack Mika's bag and headed to Ikano. had dinner there and left around 7. by the time balik, it started to rain and felt like cuddling Mika so he sat behind with me until he felt asleep (yes, it's illegal but dah malam and who cares!huhuhuh) kesian Mika..outing sampai tak tido then sampai rumah dah malam takkan nak mandikan dia malam2 so lap2 sikit and dia sangat gembira..gelak2 sume sebab kena lap..geli kot..after this a bit impossible la nak keluar weekdays sebab dah kerja balik. back to reality, Eeja!

pandai tak Mika pose?

Friday, March 6, 2009


started to send Mika to the babysitter on Monday. hubby was off to work and so it was just me and him in the car. he sat quietly in his carrier with his eyes sort of like begging me not to send him there (sorry sayang, mommy got no choice). the moment i handed him over to Kak A (the bbsitter), this sudden sad feeling overcame me and had to keep telling myself that everything will be ok. it's not easy to let go of your child to a stranger and have the stranger to bathe, feed, put him to sleep with her own way which is absolutely different from mine. can she entertains Mika the same way like i do, does she knows what to do if he cries, does she feeds him properly..all sort of questions came across my mind and i sometimes feel it's better for me to stay home and take care of him. as much as i love to be with him 24 hrs, i still need some time on my own and am not really a stay home type either. on the first day, i called Kak A every 2 hours to check on him and Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

after sending Mika, went to my house to do some laundry, packed things to bring back to Brunsfield and i even helped myself with the satay leftover for breakfast. then went to Subang to pick up Umi as she wanted to help me re-arrange the apartment. we moved some things with the bed from 2nd room to the master bedroom and arranged the clothes neatly in the wardrobe. luckily Umi still has one bedroom set, fridge and stove and we opted not to take out the air-conds and water heater hence the place is still live-able (ada ke word ni..hentam saje lar). in an instance, the place is clean and neatly organised (fyi, my mum memang seorang yang rajin mengemas rumah berbeza sekali dengan saya yang hanya mengemas bila orang nak datang :P) our next plan was to PH again and this time i collected stuffs that i forgot to bring the first round. then sent Umi back to Subang and drove back to Brunsfield. that time it was almost 3.30PM and looked it's going to rain anytime soon so i got ready and went to pick up Mika and again back to PH. berpusing²!

sampai kat rumah Kak A, Mika tengah tido and another baby, Umar which is 2 months older than Mika was in another cot. that baby sangat lar active and susah nak sleep. he kept rattling his toys and even threw his pacifier here and there to get attention. but sangat comel! Kak A said..if Mika buat bunyi jer, Umar akan automatically respond..nak main la kot..alahai..mesti comel tengok 2 orang tengok Mika tido and the way she treated him..i felt at ease and sangat bersyukur dapat dia. memang macam kat rumah. Mika suka tengok tv, then they (Kak A & her mum) suka golek² kan the babies depan tv too. Pakcik (Kak A's dad) is okay too and so does her sister. with that, i don't really feel guilty of leaving my baby there. plus the place is so convenient. if i come back from work early, i can do some cleaning or cook first than only pick him up but that one later lar bila dah pindah balik to PH. for these 2 weeks, is a trial version then another 2 weeks Umi will take care of him and start to send him back in April. InsyaAllah, ok kot..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

move out, move in and move out

last week was a very busy week. we started to shift on monday and was officially out by friday. the lorry came and transferred our bulky things on tuesday and left out only the small items that can fit in our cars. so on tuesday, wednesday and thursday night, we slept at hall in front of the TV and honestly, those were the best nights ever. should have done it way earlier. on thursday, we decided to bring Mika to Ikea and he loved it so much. how do i know..cause he was not being cranky and just sat quietly in his stroller except when he was hungry lar :P i bumped into my ex roommate, Dora at the restaurant and she brought her lovely daughter, Ema too. both our children were born in the same year and boy, it was fun to bump to a friend that is also a Mommy :):) we try to expose Mika as much as we can to the real world but limit to 2 times a week with hope that he will not be culture shock later. so far so good but cannot bring him for outing too often cause when he's out, his eyes are filled with so much of curiosity that he fails to rest and sleep
feeding & changing diaper session
we left for putra heights on friday and got the Astro and phone installed on friday too. friday night, went to IOI mall and dinner at Wendy's. zira tagged along and when we are back at PH, it was damn quiet! our front, back and left neighbours are not in yet and it was freaking quiet and dark. we are so used to stay in Brunsfield with the traffic and sound of people hacking, talking, running at the corridor, moving things upstairs and now at PH, there are only 3 of us in that big house. anyway, despite the lonely feeling, we still had a good night sleep.

usually in the morning, Mika will be the first to rise and he will makes all sort of sound indicating either his hungry or just want to be heard but at PH, he was a bit quiet. well he did make sound, but not as active as at Brunsfield. i guess he misses Brunsfield too :P another thing, the phone is not working yet (cakap in 24 hrs can use, takde pon!) hence no internet too. so boring family came and we went out for dinner around the area and after they have gone home, hubby and me watched Slumdog Millionaire. okay lar the movie..
last pose we thought
unpack & arranging
dinner at Wendy's
daddy feeds, mommy bathes
Sunday, went to Bkt Mahkota and had lunch there. on the way back dropped by at Dengkil R&R and bought satay Hj Samuri. reached PH around 4 and watched another movie. then after Maghrib we had this crazy idea of going back to Brunsfield and guess what..we really did go back to Brunsfield! packed our things as fast as we could, bringing the necessary items and by 9, we already at Brunsfield and home sweet home :P so happy to be back. we are definitely going to move just not now. maybe in a month or two and in the mean time, we need to install the alarm system, change the gate to auto gate and furnish the house properly before we move in back so that it will be our next home sweet home
on the way back from Bkt Mahkota