Monday, February 23, 2009

random thoughts

it's Monday..and waiting for the movers to come. we will be shifting the bulky stuffs today and planning to move by end of this week. mix feelings. kinda sad to leave the apartment after staying there for one yr & 8 months..from only 2 of us then now 3. on the other hand, excited because new house means new life. hopefully everything is okay, InsyaAllah and yes, it takes time to get use to the new environment.

owh btw, congratulations Ereen for passing ACCA with flying colours. i know you can do it, memang rezeki baby tuh :):) she will be moving to her apartment in USJ next month and Erin will be moving to Putra Avenue next year. Eisha already in USJ and Faz.."awak cari rumah dekat² our house lar..senang to meet up ;)"

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