Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's been a while

Yes, it's been a while. I've been very busy lately main reason because, I've moved back to my apartment the first week of Feb right after my confinement period. It was quite tiring at first as I have to do everything on my own from mandikan Mikhail, siap kan dia, then do the laundry, cook, kemas rumah etc. Luckily my mom is free enough to drop by and when she did, she brought lunch/tahpau something from outside. Sangat penat menjaga Mikhail 24 hours and when hubby is off, will take the opportunity to go out and drop Mikhail at Umi's.

We brought Mikhail to The Gardens for his official outing and he seemed thrilled to be in the new environment. He just sat quietly in his stroller with his eyes wandering here and there enjoying the view and sound of that unfamiliar place. I said 'enjoy' because, dia tak meragam and duduk diam2 jer and he was wide awake the whole time we were there. Only when we were about to leave, baru dia nak sleep. His unofficial outing was when we brought him to Giant, Putra Heights and he was a bit uncomfy, maybe sebab bising but tak la nangis bagai..just a bit of "erghh..ooohh..aaaa.." sure dia cakap why la parents dia bawak gi tempat macam tuh on his first outing.. :P

Last week, pergi tempah langsir for our house (master bedroom, lanai and living hall upstairs) and we plan to move there by end of this month. We even managed to find a babysitter in Putra Heights and will be starting to send him off maybe in April. It's a home-based daycare and the babysitter has 2 more babies to take care of and they are all the same age as Mikhail. Her parents are staying with her and she's a single mother with a 4 yr old son. Let's hope for the best..at least it's better than sending him off to a nursery right? Anyway, there's also a 24-hr nursery in the hood that we have checked out and in case we need their service, we can just go there as that place is quite okay too (if tak dapat that babysitter, we probably gonna send him here). We were thinking of getting a maid but maybe later..let's try the babysitter first. I will resume to work on March,16.

Owh, can u believe it we all tak pernah ada family pic..so masa pergi Bkt Mahkota (to celebrate daddy's birthday) last Sunday, we asked Kak Masita to snap us some photos..so here are the casual shots :)
and this one is especially for you readers..till then..ciao

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