Friday, February 20, 2009

furniture hunting

after the medical check up yesterday, hubby and me decided to check out some furniture for living hall upstairs. we dropped Mikhail at Umi's and headed to IKEA. bought coffee table, tv cabinet, side table and rug. we did not get the chance to buy the book case as the length is too long that we think it would not fit into our car and do not want to opt for the delivery option. need to use x-trail next time. then dropped the items at Putra Heights and the highway is already open! it only costs RM1.70 to Cyber with 15-20 mins drive. we will be moving by end of next week, what a perfect timing!

did i mention that both Erin and Ereen due dates are in June? i think the difference is only by a week or so. Erin with her 2nd child ( productive :P) and Ereen with her 1st ..... (i know the gender already) happy for both of them! Irene was born in 2007, Mikhail in 2008 and 2 more babies to come in 2009..good luck gurls! *hugs*

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