Tuesday, February 24, 2009

almost empty

the bulky stuffs have been moved with 2 trips today. the lorry however was so slow! i had to stop few times just to make sure we are on the same path. on the other hand, the movers were friendly and caring enough, easy to work with only that I wish the driver could press on the accelerator harder. we were supposed to move yesterday but they were tight up with another schedule and it was quite late to move in the evening. luckily we had no other plan today. so yesterday we bought heater and AC for the master bedroom and settle our phone line at TM Point Taipan. moving is so tiring! so many things to do, buy, pack and unpack. luckily Umi is around to take care of Mikhail. could not imagine if he to tag along. i'm gonna miss this apartment. this apartment is the witness of our ups-and-downs-1-year & 8 months-of-married-life.

Note: If u have a baby, advisable to move before u deliver.

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