Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mikhail at 2 months

Yeay, 2 months old today!

Mikhail turns 2 months today, alhamdulillah.

2 months checkup update:
  • he now weighs at 6.5kg, sudah bertambah 1.4kg lagi. beratnye baby mommy ni..but doc says he's okay, doing well
  • kena inject..1st DTP & Polio & Hib + Hep.B and we took the Rotavirus 1st vaccine (oral) for him. masa inject nangis but when it came to the vaccine, he liked it so much..maybe sebab that one makan and so he was okay with it
  • overall, he's doing fine..doc gave us fever medicine in case dia demam after inject..but alhamdulillah, so far dia sihat dan penuh semangat
check up @CA
At 2 months:
  • his vision is clearer and he is able to focus when we call his name or talk to him
  • he can makes sounds as if he's talking
  • he loves to smile especially pagi masa bangun tido and he loves the fresh air and sunlight in the morning..kalau letak dalam bilik pagi2 dia agak rimas sebab gelap so we put him outside in the living room
  • sudah pandai meragam..macam if orang tak nak main2 ngan dia then dia akan bising suruh orang angkat
  • suka didirikan..maybe dapat lihat keadaan sekeliling dengan puas nye
  • suka main with his saliva..buat bubbles..even masa tido pon ade bubbles..
  • suka hidu tangan sendiri (apekah?? tapi betul..huhuh) and sangat gembira bila dapat memasukkan tangan di dalam mulut
  • strecthing with sound effect is his favourite hobby
  • he now sleeps longer at night..sometimes up to 5 hours before he wakes up for feeding..but last night was the longest..slept at 8pm and woke up at 2am..then i changed his diaper n fed him and he slept soundly till 6.30am..hopes he'll be that way or perhaps sleeps longer when i start working later
  • he can moves his head to the left and right and able to lift it up if we put him on his tummy
"jangan kacau! i love sitting in this pouch"
"alamak..mana leher saya?huhu"

Happy 2 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..mommy & daddy love always :)


afnilogy said...

auwhh..cutenyer mikhail..happy 2 month old budak comeyy!!

raF|za said...

heheh.thanks aunty afni! :)

nazira aziz said...

Wah Mikhail da besar padahal baru seminggu tak jumpa haha

raF|za said...

besar eh? dia berat! ikut aunty dut dia la nie..