Tuesday, February 24, 2009

almost empty

the bulky stuffs have been moved with 2 trips today. the lorry however was so slow! i had to stop few times just to make sure we are on the same path. on the other hand, the movers were friendly and caring enough, easy to work with only that I wish the driver could press on the accelerator harder. we were supposed to move yesterday but they were tight up with another schedule and it was quite late to move in the evening. luckily we had no other plan today. so yesterday we bought heater and AC for the master bedroom and settle our phone line at TM Point Taipan. moving is so tiring! so many things to do, buy, pack and unpack. luckily Umi is around to take care of Mikhail. could not imagine if he to tag along. i'm gonna miss this apartment. this apartment is the witness of our ups-and-downs-1-year & 8 months-of-married-life.

Note: If u have a baby, advisable to move before u deliver.

Monday, February 23, 2009

random thoughts

it's Monday..and waiting for the movers to come. we will be shifting the bulky stuffs today and planning to move by end of this week. mix feelings. kinda sad to leave the apartment after staying there for one yr & 8 months..from only 2 of us then now 3. on the other hand, excited because new house means new life. hopefully everything is okay, InsyaAllah and yes, it takes time to get use to the new environment.

owh btw, congratulations Ereen for passing ACCA with flying colours. i know you can do it, memang rezeki baby tuh :):) she will be moving to her apartment in USJ next month and Erin will be moving to Putra Avenue next year. Eisha already in USJ and Faz.."awak cari rumah dekat² our house lar..senang to meet up ;)"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

pics say it all

* click for larger view *

Friday, February 20, 2009

furniture hunting

after the medical check up yesterday, hubby and me decided to check out some furniture for living hall upstairs. we dropped Mikhail at Umi's and headed to IKEA. bought coffee table, tv cabinet, side table and rug. we did not get the chance to buy the book case as the length is too long that we think it would not fit into our car and do not want to opt for the delivery option. need to use x-trail next time. then dropped the items at Putra Heights and the highway is already open! it only costs RM1.70 to Cyber with 15-20 mins drive. we will be moving by end of next week, what a perfect timing!

did i mention that both Erin and Ereen due dates are in June? i think the difference is only by a week or so. Erin with her 2nd child (waaahh..so productive :P) and Ereen with her 1st ..... (i know the gender already)..so happy for both of them! Irene was born in 2007, Mikhail in 2008 and 2 more babies to come in 2009..good luck gurls! *hugs*

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mikhail at 2 months

Yeay, 2 months old today!

Mikhail turns 2 months today, alhamdulillah.

2 months checkup update:
  • he now weighs at 6.5kg, sudah bertambah 1.4kg lagi. beratnye baby mommy ni..but doc says he's okay, doing well
  • kena inject..1st DTP & Polio & Hib + Hep.B and we took the Rotavirus 1st vaccine (oral) for him. masa inject nangis but when it came to the vaccine, he liked it so much..maybe sebab that one makan and so he was okay with it
  • overall, he's doing fine..doc gave us fever medicine in case dia demam after inject..but alhamdulillah, so far dia sihat dan penuh semangat
check up @CA
At 2 months:
  • his vision is clearer and he is able to focus when we call his name or talk to him
  • he can makes sounds as if he's talking
  • he loves to smile especially pagi masa bangun tido and he loves the fresh air and sunlight in the morning..kalau letak dalam bilik pagi2 dia agak rimas sebab gelap so we put him outside in the living room
  • sudah pandai meragam..macam if orang tak nak main2 ngan dia then dia akan bising suruh orang angkat
  • suka didirikan..maybe dapat lihat keadaan sekeliling dengan puas nye
  • suka main with his saliva..buat bubbles..even masa tido pon ade bubbles..
  • suka hidu tangan sendiri (apekah?? tapi betul..huhuh) and sangat gembira bila dapat memasukkan tangan di dalam mulut
  • strecthing with sound effect is his favourite hobby
  • he now sleeps longer at night..sometimes up to 5 hours before he wakes up for feeding..but last night was the longest..slept at 8pm and woke up at 2am..then i changed his diaper n fed him and he slept soundly till 6.30am..hopes he'll be that way or perhaps sleeps longer when i start working later
  • he can moves his head to the left and right and able to lift it up if we put him on his tummy
"jangan kacau! i love sitting in this pouch"
"alamak..mana leher saya?huhu"

Happy 2 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..mommy & daddy love you..as always :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's been a while

Yes, it's been a while. I've been very busy lately main reason because, I've moved back to my apartment the first week of Feb right after my confinement period. It was quite tiring at first as I have to do everything on my own from mandikan Mikhail, siap kan dia, then do the laundry, cook, kemas rumah etc. Luckily my mom is free enough to drop by and when she did, she brought lunch/tahpau something from outside. Sangat penat menjaga Mikhail 24 hours and when hubby is off, will take the opportunity to go out and drop Mikhail at Umi's.

We brought Mikhail to The Gardens for his official outing and he seemed thrilled to be in the new environment. He just sat quietly in his stroller with his eyes wandering here and there enjoying the view and sound of that unfamiliar place. I said 'enjoy' because, dia tak meragam and duduk diam2 jer and he was wide awake the whole time we were there. Only when we were about to leave, baru dia nak sleep. His unofficial outing was when we brought him to Giant, Putra Heights and he was a bit uncomfy, maybe sebab bising but tak la nangis bagai..just a bit of "erghh..ooohh..aaaa.." sure dia cakap why la parents dia bawak gi tempat macam tuh on his first outing.. :P

Last week, pergi tempah langsir for our house (master bedroom, lanai and living hall upstairs) and we plan to move there by end of this month. We even managed to find a babysitter in Putra Heights and will be starting to send him off maybe in April. It's a home-based daycare and the babysitter has 2 more babies to take care of and they are all the same age as Mikhail. Her parents are staying with her and she's a single mother with a 4 yr old son. Let's hope for the best..at least it's better than sending him off to a nursery right? Anyway, there's also a 24-hr nursery in the hood that we have checked out and in case we need their service, we can just go there as that place is quite okay too (if tak dapat that babysitter, we probably gonna send him here). We were thinking of getting a maid but maybe later..let's try the babysitter first. I will resume to work on March,16.

Owh, can u believe it we all tak pernah ada family pic..so masa pergi Bkt Mahkota (to celebrate daddy's birthday) last Sunday, we asked Kak Masita to snap us some photos..so here are the casual shots :)
and this one is especially for you readers..till then..ciao

Sunday, February 1, 2009

his many faces

bile tgk pics mikhail, muka dia berubah-ubah. kejap muka camni, kejap muka camtuh..kejap color camni kejap color camtuh laks..until now saya tak tahu dia ikut muka siapa. some ppl say that he has my eyes and his daddy's forehead. entah lar..mungkin now still too early nak nampak kot..tak kisah lar..janji dia sihat dan berada dalam keadaan riang, saya pon gembira :)

hari ini adalah hari terakhir confinement saya. orang tanya saya plan apa, saya pon tidak ada idea. tapi perkara pertama yang akan dilakukan adalah membeli stroller. sebab if stroller takde camne nak bawak mikhail jalan-jalan. takkan nak carry budak kecik yg berat nye 5 kg lebih ni..huhuh..lenguh tangan.

owh, saja jer memblogging dalam bahasa melayu..seronok pulak walaupon entry macam budak sekolah jer..ayat skema :P