Thursday, January 15, 2009

27 days and counting

Oopps..malu lar!
Mikhail turns 27 days today. I took some photo of him having his bath this morning. I have not try to bathe him yet maybe tomorrow as Umi will not be around in the morning and evening. There are so many things I have learned in being a Mommy and I am still learning as everyday is something new. I have learned that my baby loves to be cuddled before he goes off to sleep, he does not like to be left alone in the dark for a long time, he loves to make sound when he is sleeping, stretching, yawning, grumbling and sometimes he makes sound like a horse and cry for no reason for 2 secs then go back to sleep. He smiles and sometimes laughs but both with his eyes close. There was this one time at night, I was woken up by his laugh..scary! He now can turns his head to left and right and even lift it up and response to voices. He loves when his daddy does the leg exercise.

He wakes up every 2 hours for milk and even after breastfeeding him, he will only be full for a while and ask for more. Not that I do not want to breastfeed him 100% but he seems to like the formula milk also. It’s better to breastfeed though not fully than not to breastfeed at all. So I’m giving him both and when he is full he could have a nice 2 hr++ sleep before he wakes up again.

My day started off with waking up, feed Mikhail, shower, then Mikhail’s turn to bathe by his Tok Mi, put on his clothes, have my breakfast, feed him again & put him to sleep while I watch TV, then 12.30 noon lunch, feed him, watch TV/online, nap between the feeding time, shower then around 5PM, Mikhail’s bathing time, feed him while watching TV, dinner, watch TV, feed him, and at night, he will wakes up every 2 hours for his milk or to change his diaper..tiring! It has been this way for the last 27 days and still be for the remaining 17 days.

Hubby could only help during his off days else it would only be Mikhail & me at night. I always look forward to the week where hubby only works 2 days so he can be around more often. Plus it is important for the baby to bond with his daddy as there is not much opportunity for the dad besides than feeding, massaging and play with the baby. So far, hubby never changes his diaper yet and once we move to our own house and on our own, hopefully then he will know how. Who else got to do it if I’m busy with something rite? They said the first 3 mths is the critical period..well I just hope that I am able to remain calm and go through these 3 mths successfully. Well he’s almost a month now..2 months to go!

Owh yesterday he was restless and could not sleep still. His hands kept moving, stretching etc and so I swaddled him. His usual sleeping position is to outstretch both his hands up. Well, he was able to remain calm for good 1 hour before he cried for help to release his nowadays..*sigh*
His usual sleeping positionDah kena swaddle..
Muka still maintain relax for 1 hourKaki dah keluar tolak bantal

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