Thursday, January 29, 2009


saya rasa Mikhail agak lucu pada masa ini (jahatnye Mummy dia cakap anak sendiri lucu..tapi macam betul :P ). dia sedang duduk di atas pangku daddy dia..sangat suka bile daddy dia main-main dengan dia..pantang kalau letak bawah. daddy bangun tido jer layan Mikhail. tak pakai seluar sebab panas and bagi dia relax skit..huhuh..lucu la Mikhail ni kekadang :):)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


penatnye! i notice that my son does not like to pass motion when the pampers is full. baru je tukar pampers..dah elok-elok, bersih-bersih then tak sampai few minutes he did his business again..haish..maybe tak selesa kot nak pass motion when the pampers is full. macam-macam kan?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mikhail's one month check up

Ready to go to the hosp
Went for Mikhail's one month check up yesterday. Overall, he is doing fine..infact the Paed says he is a little bit over average but that is fine cause he's a boy. His weight now is 5.11 kg, a significant increase of 1.78kg. He got some rashes on his face and also cradle cap on his head which both are common to babies his age. Paed prescribed Dentinox shampoo for his cradle cap and cream for his rashes. Other than that, he is one healthy baby who loves to make sound or as the Paed says..he loves to "talk" either when he is awake or asleep. I have 11 more days to go before my confinement ends. Can't wait!

Monday, January 19, 2009

one month old Mikhail

Mikhail turns one month today. Happy 1 month birthday my dear baby! Mommy & Daddy love you so much :)
"I beg your pardon?"..the latest pic of him :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

27 days and counting

Oopps..malu lar!
Mikhail turns 27 days today. I took some photo of him having his bath this morning. I have not try to bathe him yet maybe tomorrow as Umi will not be around in the morning and evening. There are so many things I have learned in being a Mommy and I am still learning as everyday is something new. I have learned that my baby loves to be cuddled before he goes off to sleep, he does not like to be left alone in the dark for a long time, he loves to make sound when he is sleeping, stretching, yawning, grumbling and sometimes he makes sound like a horse and cry for no reason for 2 secs then go back to sleep. He smiles and sometimes laughs but both with his eyes close. There was this one time at night, I was woken up by his laugh..scary! He now can turns his head to left and right and even lift it up and response to voices. He loves when his daddy does the leg exercise.

He wakes up every 2 hours for milk and even after breastfeeding him, he will only be full for a while and ask for more. Not that I do not want to breastfeed him 100% but he seems to like the formula milk also. It’s better to breastfeed though not fully than not to breastfeed at all. So I’m giving him both and when he is full he could have a nice 2 hr++ sleep before he wakes up again.

My day started off with waking up, feed Mikhail, shower, then Mikhail’s turn to bathe by his Tok Mi, put on his clothes, have my breakfast, feed him again & put him to sleep while I watch TV, then 12.30 noon lunch, feed him, watch TV/online, nap between the feeding time, shower then around 5PM, Mikhail’s bathing time, feed him while watching TV, dinner, watch TV, feed him, and at night, he will wakes up every 2 hours for his milk or to change his diaper..tiring! It has been this way for the last 27 days and still be for the remaining 17 days.

Hubby could only help during his off days else it would only be Mikhail & me at night. I always look forward to the week where hubby only works 2 days so he can be around more often. Plus it is important for the baby to bond with his daddy as there is not much opportunity for the dad besides than feeding, massaging and play with the baby. So far, hubby never changes his diaper yet and once we move to our own house and on our own, hopefully then he will know how. Who else got to do it if I’m busy with something rite? They said the first 3 mths is the critical period..well I just hope that I am able to remain calm and go through these 3 mths successfully. Well he’s almost a month now..2 months to go!

Owh yesterday he was restless and could not sleep still. His hands kept moving, stretching etc and so I swaddled him. His usual sleeping position is to outstretch both his hands up. Well, he was able to remain calm for good 1 hour before he cried for help to release his nowadays..*sigh*
His usual sleeping positionDah kena swaddle..
Muka still maintain relax for 1 hourKaki dah keluar tolak bantal

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the day when..

Hey there..i wanted to blog for this long time ago but just could not find the time to do it. Being a mommy requires full time energy and mind to focus on the little one. Had to be there for him every 2 hours day and night for feeding and if he gets cranky needs to cuddle him before he goes off to is tiring but really worth it. I will blog more bout motherhood in another entry.

Here goes..remember the day when I was 2cm here..I was still doing fine till Friday evening. I asked hubby to take EL to accompany me at home as I did not feel like going back to Subang and we took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Cleaned the fridge and can you believe it the potatoes I kept in the vegetable compartment have grown into plant?? I should have taken a photo of it. OMG..that shows how long I never open the compartment :P Then there were also fishes, chickens, squids and some were even from last year’s in the freezer!! Hubby then went for his Friday prayer while I continued packing my stuffs to bring to the hospital and also to bring to Subang. I even watched the latest episodes of Gossip Girl & Desperate Housewives knowing that I will not have time for it after deliver. Umi, Mummy, Aunt Zie, cousins were like constantly checking up on me asking me if I’m okay or not or any other weird sign..told them I was just doing fine. They were like literally waiting for me to pop up and they were hoping it could happen asap. Honestly, I did not know what to expect. Just that I had this feeling that the baby will come out on Saturday, which was true ;)

Then around 7pm, we went out for dinner and by this time I started to feel uncomfortable and my tummy was acting weird. Yes, something like period pain plus diarrhea. I never experience period pain before but I guess that was how it felt like. I ordered roti canai and only managed to eat half of it as I felt like going to the toilet..hubby in other case could helped himself with a plate full of chicken briyanni. Then went home and I still managed to do last minute check on the hospital bag despite the uncomfortable feeling. Around 10, Umi called asking me if everything is alright. I told her of my condition and it happened like every 30 mins. Umi said that was contraction and I was like.."aaa…really??" huhuhu..she asked me to take warm bath and get ready with the bag and etc. As I was making my way to the toilet, guess what? My water bag broke. Trying not to panic, I took my quick 10 minutes warm bath and got ready to go to the hospital.

Reached CA at 11pm and my cousin Ellie called and I told her that still no pain yet and I can even joked around and snap some photos. My family members seemed more worried than me :P After being admitted, the nurse brought me to the labour room and checked that I was only 3cm dilated. They predicted that I will only give birth early in the morning and asked me to rest first. Unfortunately the single room was full and I was given the 2-bedded room instead. Visitors are not allowed to wait in the room and thinking that they will only send me to the labour room at 6 the next day, I asked hubby to go home first and come back at 5AM plus I was not in pain well..not until midnight. The pain..only God and other women have given birth before know how it felt. Contraction was like every 3 minutes that prevented me to sit still. I tried to ease the pain with different positions but the pain just kept coming. The person next to me was not helping at all as her TV volume was too loud and she was too selfish to notice that the patient next to her was in pain. I just wish hubby was there to support me. Things will be easier if I get the single room *sigh*

By 2AM, I was realllyyyy in pain and so in need of Epidural plus hubby was not around. They brought me back to the labour room and checked that I was already 7cm dilated. The pain was unbearable and they asked me to call hubby as they said the labour could happen anytime from now. But 7cm to 10 took 5 hrs! One of the reasons was because baby was sleeping and suddenly the contraction was very mild. I cannot imagine if I don’t take Epidural. By 6.30AM, doctor checked I was already 10 cm dilated but somehow the opening was still covered with this layer and they said to wait for another hour..I was tired and prayed that the baby will come out asap and hope for no emergency C-sect or anything. Then by 7.15AM, doctor came back and the delivery procedure begun. Doctor had to use vacuum as my baby’s position was a bit to the left and not fully faced down hence making it difficult to come out. Plus the baby’s size was big and also I was too tired to push. Finally at 7.34AM, my baby boy was born and he cried the moment he saw the world. Hubby was there to accompany me for the last 4 hours and he witnessed everything. He then recited azan to the baby and soon after the delivery, I felt asleep for 2 hours..tiredddd!! but before that, managed to remind hubby to ask Umi to bring roti telur..hungry okay :P

It was one unbelievable experience and to see something that size came out from my body was amazing. I wonder how he can actually fits in there. Syukur, Alhamdulillah. Welcome to the world my child, Ahmad Mikhail Haris!

few hours old 
mom, aunt and cousins
my sister is away on holiday trip  
the two grandmas 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

happy birthday to my beloved hubby!

happy birthday sayang! love you so so much. thank you for being such a loving, sporting, cool, caring husband. thank you for being there when I need you, for entertaining my 'mengada-ngada' requests, for saying YES to almost every suggestion made by me and most of all, thank you for being just you. This is the 9th year we celebrated your birthday together and each and every year is unique in its own way. This year we have Mikhail to celebrate it with. Though I always get upset for no reason, say unpleasant things which are not music to your ears, emo and always you to blame...above all, I LOVE YOU so much!

HaPpY B|rThDaY SaYaNg!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

goodbye 2008..hello 2009!

2008 has been a great year. Super busy at the beginning of the year with work but at the same time still had time to spend with my loved, family gathering, birthdays, lunch, dinner, tea be it with family or friends. This was the year when we finally got the key to our own house, enjoyed quality moment being just hubby & wifey (no mommy & daddy yet), celebrated our 1 yr anniversary with one good news and now I have another title to add on :) what a great closing with the birth of my son, Ahmad Mikhail Haris and overall, everything was just great, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for your blessing. *I still cannot believe I’m now a Mommy*

Here, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Welcoming 2009 with hope that this year will bring us more happiness, love and success and farewell to 2008 which I’m sure each and every one of us has our own stories to tell. Let the good memories be in our heart and mind forever and for the unfortunate ones, let the experiences be part of our lives for us to reflect and learn from it.

Happy 2009 everyone!!!