Monday, December 8, 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

Salam Aidil Adha! Can u believe it I had McD Big Breakfast and not any of the traditional food till 5 in the evening?

  1. hubby worked on PM shift on Sunday and only came home at 8 AM
  2. we planned to celebrate it here as I am not fit to travel for long distance journey
  3. I’m too lazy to cook? (this by right should be the 1st reason :p)
  4. hubby needs his sleep and only woke up at 1 PM
  5. all my family members balik kampung
It was raining the whole day and we left for Bkt Mahkota around 4.45PM. Mummy served us nasi tomato, lemang, ketupat, rendang but I still miss my mom’s kuah kacang & rendang. My cousin and sister called in the morning telling me they have already pack some food for sweeettt! We did dropped by @Subang to pass the nasi tomato given by Mummy but did not get the chance to meet my family as they were caught up in this massive traffic jam and only reached around 9.30PM and also to check on the cats. As I fumbled in my purse for the keys, I somehow knew the cats were waiting behind the door probably wondering who was making such noise as the windows were all shut for them to go out or even to have a peek and I was right. Both Fluffy & Curly were there and meow-ing once the door was open. It was getting late and so I told Umi that we will return for dinner tomorrow.

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