Monday, December 15, 2008

makan activities during the long weekend

I had a very long weekend and enjoyed every moment of it.


Public holiday for Selangor last Thursday and went out for dinner to celebrate Umi’s birthday. Her birthday actually falls on Friday but we decided to have the dinner earlier coz they have to attend my cousin’s solemnization ceremony that Friday. Hubby could not join us for dinner as he was on the PM shift and I spent the night at Subang sleeping on my sis’s bed while Curly curled up comfortably on the mattress below. She did not really care about her sleeping place as long as she’s in the room with us

 Abah & Umi
 Chubby me..huhuh
Curly curling up comfortably under the comforter


Woke up at 7AM and it was raining heavily. Hubby picked me up from Subang and we went to tahpau breakfast at my favourite Nasi Lemak stall at SS 15. Then we returned to Shah Alam and had our breakfast. Around 10AM, joined hubby for a nap but I only managed to close my eyes for few minutes and decided to surf and did something else. Checked out the online baby store and we planned to buy the baby cot which was actually a present from Umi & Abah. Thank you guys, appreciate it very much. Muah!

Then around 3PM, hubby decided to check out something at Low Yatt and was so disappointed with the traffic. It was so bad that we had to make a U-turn and forget about our mission. We went straight to the baby store in Jln Kuchai Lama and bought the cot. It was a good buy as it comes in package and the price is cheaper compared to other places.

We dropped the baby cot at Subang and since my cousins, aunts and uncle were around, my sister had this brilliant idea to surprise Umi with a birthday cake. After Maghrib, we sang Happy Birthday and asked Umi to cut the cake. It was nice to have all my relatives around and we totally enjoyed being around each other :)

Then went back to Shah Alam and my brother dropped by 15 mins later for PS3 session with hubby and went out for supper around 11PM

Surprise! with my sister & cousins
(pic a bit blur, thnks to hubby :p)


what did I do..hmmm..oh man, I totally forgot! Owh okay, we went to Section 14, PJ hoping to find a parking spot to go to the Digital Mall but mission failed. It was so crowded there hence we decided to tahpau Nasi Ayam Ipoh at the Section 14 market. I even asked hubby to tahpau for me some goreng pisang and a Slurpee but was quite frustrated as the machine in 7-11 was out of order. What is 7-11 without Slurpee?? Grrr..grr..Hubby suggested we go to Subang to get one but it was so out of the way plus I was hungry already. We watched Eagle Eye while having our lunch.

Then for dinner, we went to Uptown as I felt like eating the “Sotong goreng” and “Lala Sweet & Sour”. That might be the last time I’m having it before I deliver. I even tahpau some satay coz I saw this group of people having it and thought it must be delicious..not quite though :P


went out to Summit. Hubby needs to get something there and had McD for brunch. Had Prosperity burger again although we just had it Friday before. Went to Umi’s place and Umi was busy cleaning up my brother’s room for me to use it later and hubby and bro assembled the cot. I even got the chance to eat Umi’s “Ikan Masak Kicap” and though the dishes were simple, they were delicious enough! Then my sister bought some goreng pisang for tea and again, makan time. I love to eat! *yumm yumm yumm*

It was raining in the evening and when we returned to Shah Alam, it was already 5PM.

Hubby & my bro assembling the baby cot

That basically how my weekend goes. Full of eating activity huh? Nvm, I will soon be on confinement and cannot eat all these for 44 days! So now, enjoy lar :P


Fazlynne Majid said...

nice cot dear. what shall i get u for ur newborn nanti. hehe.. tak sure apa yg aweak dah beli and belum. baju byk dah ke? or other thgs like ermm ape ye? hehe.. i've no experience in baby stuff maa... :P

raF|za said...

hehehe..thanks :) cot tuh 4 in 1. baju so far kta beli cukup² jer..hehe..tak kisah ler, anything oso can. no need to trouble yourself :p hope everything is okay there, take care!

Fazlynne Majid said...

:) anythg lemme know ye.. excited sgt2.. will pray for u. btw kte baru notice the helen keller quote kat top part of ur blog. guess what? it's one of my fave quote as well :) take care ye fiz..