Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kenduri & family gathering over the weekend

I wanted to update this yesterday but was too caught up with work hence totally forgot about it. Actually not much work for me lar since it’s December already and I’m going off for my maternity leave soon. Just helped around and pretended to be busy :p

Last Saturday followed hubby to send my car for service then headed down to my favourite salon to get a new haircut. I’m so over with my long hair and decided to cut it short, well just an inch below the shoulder and I feel ‘lighter’. Obviously the lighter feeling is just for the hair and not for my physical appearance :p Since the salon is in 15, Subang, hubby was so willing to accompany me and while I got my hair done, he met up with his friends at his favourite hang out place. Then dropped by at Umi’s place for lunch/tea and my grandma, aunty and uncle were already there for the ‘kenduri’ on Sunday. After that we went to Giant for a quick shopping of the items we left out and went back home. We watched this movie called “The Promotion” and stuffed ourselves with McD. Then watched football for a while and by 10, I was already in my lala land :p woke me up not hubby (he said he did not want to wake me up as I need to rest more but baby dah move banyak kali asking his mommy to wake up and so I have to get up and helped myself with cream crackers & milk (bangun terus makan okay) while hubby did his road work). I don’t really need an alarm clock now, baby will automatically wakes me up around 6.45AM. Err, thank you baby? Heheh..

Then we got ready for breakfast and fetched Kak Isma (part time maid) and drove off to Putra Heights. Sampai² Kak Isma terus bersihkan rumah, mop, basuh toilet, lap tingkap and hubby washed the porch and while I arranged the plates, cups and tissues. We left Kak Isma there and went back to Shah Alam, siap² and reached Putra Heights nearly noon. My cousins Tatie and Nana were already there and Kak Isma really did her job well. Rumah sangat bersih, carpet and tikar dah di arrange neatly and we sat there quietly and not to mention hungrily waiting for the guests to arrive. Most of the guests arrived around 12.30 noon and the kenduri started off with bacaan Yaasin followed by doa selamat led by my FIL. After that, they performed Zohor prayer together led by my dad and by 1.30PM, everybody dah helped themselves with food..and talking about food, banyak nyer!! Ada nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, daging kurma, acar, pulut kuning, sambal ikan bilis, meehoon, nasi lemak pon ada okay tapi that one tak serve pon sebab left over from bfast plus dah banyak atas meja..for desert we have choc cake (courtesy of my grandma on my dad's side), karipap, roti jala, kuih tak tau nama (courtesy of my aunt), egg tart & karipap version bakery (courtesy of my MIL) and this sister of mine nak potong cake sempena her birthday which falls on last yeah, another cake ;)

We even tahpau for the guests sebab if not, membazir. By 3pm, most of the guests dah balik and so Kak Isma bersihkan rumah again with sweeping and mopping and she was really fast and efficient! We left Putra Heights nearly 4pm and were satisfied with the condition of the house. Sangat bersih. It was nice to see most of the family members and a great family gathering indeed. Some of them even came all the way from Muar and Negeri Sembilan to attend the small kenduri. Thanks for coming everyone and thank you for helping out Umi, Abah, bro, sis, aunts, uncles, grandmas, PIL, SIL, BIL and cousins! Really appreciate your presences.

I hope to have another so called house warming session after I deliver nanti. So my dear friends, I tak lupa you all lar, in case you guys are wondering :p

Got another check up today and will keep you guys updated..stay tuned for the next entry! Have a great day kayz :)

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