Thursday, December 18, 2008

day 1 after the V check up

hello..baru jer lepas makan nasi kandar Raihan, Glenmarie while watching Survivor Gabon reunion. i love not to have to go to work and relax. but dalam relax, i can still feel mild contractions coming but not for long. baby is actively moving as usual and as long as no weird sign, guess I'm okay.

After the check up yesterday, I have this bleeding and was kinda worried. I planned to go to the hospital this morning if the bleeding still continues but Alhamdulillah, dah stop. Dr Raja did reminded me about this yesterday but I was not expecting this kind of bleeding. Thought something light for now, we just wait and see. Movement wise, sangat limited. Cannot walk, sit, sleep for too long. Have to change position always. Hubby will resume to work tomorrow and luckily my cousins are around. They will come and pick me up tomorrow and bring me to Subang. At least I will not be left alone here. Will update pray for me ya?

My sis texted me this morning around 6, on her way to the airport. Her Chiang Mai's flight is at 8AM and will return on Monday morning. Abah wished me good luck in advance. I just hope they will come back on time :)

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