Wednesday, December 17, 2008

checkup @38 weeks

Started my annual+maternity leave today till March next year, yeay! Woke up and hubby suggested we go to Low Yatt coz he needs to get something there and since we failed to make it last Friday, so Low Yatt it is. Reached there nearly 11 and while waiting we decided to have brunch at this Nasi Ayam shop..okay lar..sedap!

otw to Low Yatt 
 saya makan steamed chicken fav

I cannot walk that far as it makes me feel very the uncomfortable and after spending another half an hour there (and also after buying Big Apple Chocoreo & Christmas special berries donut) we went home. Not long after that, we had to go to the hospital for my 38th week check up.

The checkup..hmhmhm..I've put on 2 more kilos and as I was about to go to the waiting area, I saw Azza and her cute lil baby. I was supposed to pay her a visit over the weekend and was happy to be able to meet her at last. Her baby, Haziq is so adorable and just turned 3 months. Azza is the one who recommended me to go to CA and meet Dr Raja. Infact her wedding date was just a day after mine and we even went to Bali for our honeymoon about the same time. Me so happy to meet her!

 with Azza & baby Haziq yang sangat comel & chubby

Owh regarding the check up..guess what? Dr Raja said that I'm 2cm dilated already and the labour could happen anytime from now. But she asked me to go back home, prepare and eat whatever I feel like eating tonight coz chances of me giving birth early is quite high. Aaaaaaa..are you for real?? Saya sangat takut! No wonder I feel so uncomfortable..she said wait for the sign and if I'm in pain, do come over to the hospital. My dad & sis will be flying to Chiang Mai tomorrow morning and I just wish the baby could wait till Monday at least so that they are here to share the moment with. My dad's clerk ni pon..tanya lar dulu before fixing the dates..*sigh* Well, guess we just wait and see and pray everything is gonna be alright..InsyaAllah. wish me luck ya?

After check up, hubby asked me if I feel like eating anything. I was still in shock and suddenly felt so full after hearing the news..sangat takde mood nak makan. we went to Wendy's again anyways..hubby's case was different..he was panic + nervous that he could eat the 2 fried chickens he ordered together with the fries okay..huhuhuh..will keep you updated.

Ayam goreng not mine..hubby punya 
terkejut..dunno what to Eeja..


afnilogy said...

awak,jangan risau..everything's gonna be all right ;p

raF|za said...

thanks awak. heheh..wish me luck yer :)